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How the injectable anti-obesity drug works

Dr. Cormillot explains how the injectable obesity medication works.

“Doctor, what is a weight loss vaccine?” people ask me. Well, it’s not a vaccine. Yes, it is an injection that is applied in the same way as vaccines and that was approved a few weeks ago by the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT).

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How is? It is a subcutaneous injection similar to a hormone produced by the intestine that helps control appetite and tells the brain when to stop eating.

The truth is that, even though all the lights were now on about this medication, the first liraglutide appeared, which was a daily injection, it was used for diabetes, then it was seen that people were losing weight and it began to be used. for obesity.

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Then they said, “Well, we have to find one that will last a little longer, because people don’t like having flat tires every day.” » And semaglutide appeared, which is used once a week subcutaneously as I told you and regulates appetite for 7 days.

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Have you failed several times? It doesn’t matter, you can always start again,” said Cormillot (iStock)

Semaglutide is an “analog” drug and is called that “because it is similar to something made by the body.” In this case it is the hormone GLP1 that “is produced by the body when the person eats.”

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Can a person use semaglutide without receiving treatment? Power may be possible, but it is not good for him because it is very possible that if he does not change his habits slightly, this person will end up falling back into the problem, that is, I am putting too much emphasis on it. in that. crutch.

Is it a sturdy crutch? It’s very strong. It is the best thing that has been invented so far. New things will be invented, but today it is a medicine that is safe, that is effective and that allows you to lose weight for a long time.

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These medications help regulate appetite, promote satiety, help control blood sugar levels and therefore improve the treatment of diabetes. In addition, it reduces the appetite for fats.

It Is Not A Vaccine, But An Injection That Is Administered Like A Vaccine, Opening A New Chapter In The Treatment Of Obesity (Istock)

It is not a vaccine, but an injection that is administered like a vaccine, opening a new chapter in the treatment of obesity (iStock)

How is this indicated to patients? In people who are at least 7 or 8 kilos overweight, with some complications, whether hypertension or cholesterol. Or people who are 15 or 20 kilos overweight, without any complications.

What contraindications does it have? It should not be used in patients with a history of thyroid cancer or in those who report having had multiple gland diseases.

And what are the possible side effects? In most cases they are digestive problems, nausea, complications of this type, but this does not mean that the treatment is suspended, but rather we reduce the dose and wait, because it normally disappears.

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It’s not magic. The truth is that in addition to the correct application of medication, healthy weight loss requires diet and physical activity, stress management and better rest. Because if you don’t do the rest, it probably won’t work. When it comes to losing weight, the only magic that exists is the precise moment in which you stop looking for the magic to lose weight.

Have you failed several times? It doesn’t matter, you can always start over. Remember that today is the first day of the rest of your life.

*Dr. Alberto Cormillot is a renowned Argentine doctor, obesity specialist, health educator, writer and speaker. He founded and directs the Nutrition and Health Clinic that bears his name, the Diet Club, the ALCO Foundation (Anonymous Fighters Against Obesity) and the Argentine Institute of Nutrition, from where he advises industries on the development of dietary products. and healthy.

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