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How has Christmas evolved along with technology?

Improvement.- Society is progressing at the same pace as technology is progressing, which means that every Christmas season And there’s a new element to include at the end of the year. Here we are telling you about the progress made over the years.

Different sections of society point to this We keep on finding new ways to enjoy this festival in the midst of a pandemic.

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play of lights

They were the brainchild of its creator, Thomas Alba Edison. first electric light bulb, In Christmas 1880He decorated the entrance to his laboratory with several light bulbs attached to a rope.

Two years later, his colleague Edward Johnson used to decorate them christmas tree Who took the place of burning candles. Modern lighting kits use incandescent bulbs and LED technology.


They were made possible by chemistry. most modern fireworks is launched by compressed airThe oars are activated by the electronic mechanism of a watch.

Inside are placed shells and tubes with various effects in the explosion. Colors are produced by some metals and oxides added to the mixture.,

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Fireworks are a custom in Honduras, although the activity is often dangerous.

virtual meetings

For almost two years, due to the distance mandated to contain the epidemic COVID-19 highly publicized use of video conferencing applicationsLike Zoom and Meet, to organize family gatherings.

In such a situation, people who used to go for a walk to enjoy Christmas with their loved ones. Now they maintain a certain closeness through the Internet,

online shopping

Another result of the pandemic was the rise of digital platforms to buy various products.

This trend, added to delivery services that are now more efficient, Facilitate the purchase of decorations, clothes, toys and more Gift Christmas or other seasons.

Christmas (3)
Many people prefer to shop for their items and clothes to wear for Christmas through the web.

social network

Social networks are flooded with family photos and important moments Christmas season and year-end festivities.

Younger populations use social networks more frequently, uploading each family event that happens on Christmas Eve, such as Kuchumbos and Dinner,

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