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How and where to listen to music in the best quality via streaming

Listening to music, whether at home, on the road, or doing activities that help clear the mind, such as walking, exercising, reading, working, or studying, has become a very common habit for many people. .

And it is that musical taste has become a very important part in the formation of the identity of an individual or even of a specific society. Songs have been a very powerful medium to transmit messages that talk about a variety of topics, allowing each individual a corner to feel recognized.

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That’s why listening to their favorite music has become a recurring experience for many people. However, this feeling can always be improved upon and it is something that many people are unaware of.

The most favorite and well-known streaming platform for humanity has made sure that the act of putting on headphones and playing music content is not just a direct act but a moment in which the user really gets in tune with their taste which can be Is different from music.

That is why they have turned the aesthetic of listening into a tool to please the user’s ears as well. It has been the object of constant innovations that have been made possible due to the technological advancements of the 21st century.

Hello hifi!

HiFi sound refers to full-resolution audio. Unlike high-resolution video, sound allows you to reproduce audio content without loss.

HiFi format allows you to hear minor details in music in standard quality.

This means that after processing a sample there will be a large number of segments that store specific sounds in a particular way. The higher the number of sections, the more similar the representation will be to the original analog recording, that is, the original recording of the song recorded in the studio.

How can you listen to music in high resolution?

It is not enough to have an app that provides paid music on demand. Enjoying this audio quality also requires a device that is capable of playing multimedia content in a variety of formats.

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It’s worth clarifying that different types of audio files have very different tolerances, also depending on the age of use of each one. For example, The mp3 format, which is the most popular, but which stands out for compressing information from music productions, is losing the quality of listening.

Another well-known format is WAV, which was the first file type that began shaping high-resolution music. It is used by all compact discs to allow the user to take advantage of the storage of metadata, which allows labels and covers, as well as song lyrics, to be inserted into the files.

mp3 implies the possibility of reproduction of sounds in a higher quality than usual.

Samsung, for its part, has been clear about this new market business, not only having its own HiFi format (SSC HiFi), but also being in charge of creating the hardware needed to play this type of file, Thanks to headphones capable of playing 24-bit music.

“The experience of listening to music in 24-bit is truly immersive and can lead you to rediscover songs you already know, but in much greater detail. In addition, it is a must-have experience to look at headphones that have an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) function that tracks and eliminates outside sound, so that the focus is on the sound coming from the headphones. The Korean company said in a statement.

In which applications can I listen to music in HiFi?

If you want to listen to music with the highest possible audio quality and in an accessible way, these are the recommended apps:

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High tide

This is probably the application that has bet the most on this format. Such belief in HiFi music has allowed it to be known in the music application market, Because it was the only service that at the time of release offered to listen to music with such high quality sound.

Add-ons like high-end headphones are necessary for the full HD experience.

amazon prime music unlimited

Jeff Bezos’ company didn’t want to be left behind and wanted to publicize its high-fidelity proposition. If you have a cell phone that can play different formats that are capable of storing so much information, you can try it.

apple music

Unlike other applications, the main feature of Apple Music is that it has a unique and personalized HiFi music format called ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec), which is available for more than 75 million songs.

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What happened to Spotify?

The Swedish app has not yet commented on its interest in high-quality music. Despite the fact that it is announcing its foray into HiFi formats throughout 2021. To date, it is not known whether Spotify intends to foray into this new technology.

Spotify has given no indication of any foray into HiFi formats.

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