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Hottest: These are the 10 most played K-pop songs on iTunes Mexico

The world of K-pop is highly competitive and every week different groups put out new releases with the dream of being the next big hit of the moment. (Infobay / Jovani Perez)

k pop industry It has managed to cement itself as one of the strongest and most promising globally after its triumph in the West and proof that even the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been able to stop the million-dollar profits of the main Was. entertainment agencies,

It is of such importance that only Dynamite, the most successful song of the BTS group, indicates an income of $ 1.4 billion for the South Korean economy, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Popular boyband videos managed to destroy various records in the music industry As the most viewed video (with 101.1 million views) in the first 24 hours, the clip has been viewed over a billion times on the YouTube platform to date.

Realizing the interest about K-pop around the world, important platforms related to the music industry have given more places for its inclusion, for example rankings such as those produced by Billboard, with the creation of new shortlists in various awards to recognize fans, or popular playlists such as Spotify’s “ON!” (formerly called “K-pop Daebak”).

iTunes hasn’t been left behind and has its own tally of the most listened-to K-pop songs per day in at least 39 countries, including Mexico.

Here is a list of the 10 most popular K-pop singles of today:

1. Smoke Sprite (feat. RM)
Artist: So!

2. Promise
Artist: Jimin

3. Christmas Love
Artist: Jimin

4. Nomad
Artist: Kai

5. set me free
Artist: Twice

6. Wild Flower (with 조유진)
Artist: RM

7. in exactly the same way
Artist: New Jeans

8. Astronaut
Artist: Jin

9. run bts
Artist: BTS

10.VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)

Artist: Taeyang

Girls’ Generation members during SMTOWN LIVE 2022. (REUTERS/Heo Ran)

Modern K-pop (from English “Korean pop”) Originated in the 1990s with the rise of the popular group Seo Taiji and Boys In 1992, became known for incorporating Western music styles such as rap, hip-hop, rock, jazz, electronics and techno into their songs.

This trio is made up of Seo Taiji, Yang Hyun-suk and Lee JoonoNan Arayo made her debut in a talent show on MBC with the song that shocked the jury gave them the lowest marks, However, the success that this single established on radio and television was great, giving way to more artists releasing more songs in that genre and betting on it.

It wasn’t until 1995 when producer Lee Soo Man created a company that remains a “heavyweight” in the music industry to this day, Entertainment, While former Seo Taiji and boys’ member Yang Hyun Suk created YG Entertainment (nineteen ninety six); After JYP Entertainment (1997), founded by singer Park Jin Young.

These three companies were long dubbed the “Big 3”. The success that BTS achieved at the hands of BigHit Entertainment (today known as the Hyebe label) – and were dedicated to teaching the first generation of idols to meet the Korean public’s demand for younger artists to look at.

In this way, the HOT group was one of the first to start in the industry, followed by others to form the famous group “The First Generation of K-Pop” as Sechs Kiss, SES, Fin.kl, NRG, Baby Vox, Diva, Shinhwa and GOD

At the beginning of the new millennium, some idol groups that had debuted were inactive while others such as Baby Vox were successful in various regions of Asia, an example of which was their song Coincidence, which was promoted at the 2003 Soccer World Cup and which was ranked first in the Chinese music charts.

At the same time, other statues going solo also marked a milestone: boaThe first Korean singer to lead the Oricon charts in Japan, the equivalent of the Billboard charts but Asian and in which artists from other countries rarely manage to enter and RainAn actor and singer who gave a concert in Beijing for 40,000 people.

later i will start the call “The Second Generation of K-Pop”again in the hands of groups composed of young celebrities such as TVXQ (debuted in 2003), SS501 (2005), Super Junior (2005), Bigbang (2006), as well as girl groups such as Wonder Girls (2007), girls Generation (2007) and Cara (2007).

By 2008, South Korea was already dominating the entertainment market in Asia with an annual growth rate of over 10%. export With K-drama in its music and television products, it even has a 68% share of the music market in Japan, ahead of China (11.2%) and the United States (2.1%).

Later on, more groups such as SHINee or infinitythe latter who managed to secure a record of having First to top the Billboard Emerging Artists chart in 2014 with his song Last Romeo; 2am, EXO, 2IN1, Until You Get 3rd generation of K-pop where new groups like BTS, SEVENTEEN, GOT7, TWICE, RED VELVET, BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO, othersto the present fourth generation Which are all those who started Stray Kids, ITZY, Ateez, Astro and more between 2017 and 2018.

It is noteworthy that a watershed should be considered gangnam style by rapper psyA song that not only managed to break unimaginable records across music platforms like youtubeBut it also went around the world and showed that language was not a barrier to success in highly competitive countries such as the American industry.

To date, the group holds the baton as the biggest exponent of K-pop. bts – integrated by Suga, RM, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V and Jungkook‒ who, in addition to dominating the music industry in South Korea and cementing his fame in the rest of the world, has been named “Asia’s Trend Leader” by The Economist and “Artist of the Year” by Time magazine, his Award nominations through the Grammys and his 10 Billboard Awards.

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