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HLA Inmaculada brings together the main representatives of the medical community of Grenada

hla stain has recovered its traditional annual meeting of professionals two years after the pandemic. have participated in this event that brings together 160 of the most important doctors of the province Valeriano Torres, CEO of HLA Group, is also from Granada.

HLA Inmaculada Hospital is engaged in a comprehensive renovation of all its facilities. with the investment of more than 24 million eurosThe Grupo HLA Center in Granada has expanded and improved key areas such as maternal and child care and pediatrics, the hospitalization area, outpatient clinics and intensive care units or diagnostic imaging.

The hospital was a pioneer in the province in adopting a unique environment and design to the pediatric field. ‘HLA Kids’ Project It reorganized locations and improved coordination of assistance to the little ones. With 24-hour assistance, the pediatric field has the largest portfolio of specialists in the province, some twenty professionals covering the entire medical specialty and its subspecialties.

Following the renovation of the hospital’s three floors and 29 outpatient clinics, a strong investment was made in expanding and refurbishing the intensive care unit, which has six isolation boxes, the most advanced technology and top-notch health care personnel Huh. ,

The new area is important for the inclusion of unique units in Grenada’s private healthcare, such as cardiovascular surgery, which leads Dr. Jose Manuel Garrido. This incorporation makes HLA inmaculada The only private hospital in Eastern Andalusia that performs highly complex medical techniques in cardiac surgery.

Along these lines, the center has recently added a Thoracic Surgery Unit, which is also a pioneer in private healthcare in Grenada. This incorporation has been made possible thanks to three highly experienced professionals who have recently joined the HLA Inmaculada Project, Doctors Florencio Cuervo, Francisco Hernandez and Inmaculada Piedra.

In the words of Valeriano Torres “The HLA project in Granada is a firm commitment to excellence in both health care and technology and the professionals it possesses. During 2022, much will be done to establish the hospital as a benchmark in private healthcare in Andalusia. Attempts have been made. For the next year we plan to include reference experts and continuous improvement of the facilities. HLA Hospital in Granada has invested more than 24 million euros in the renovation of its facilities and has recruited leading professionals in the province.

continuous improvement in healthcare

The HLA Group continues to grow in Granada. In the coming months, the expansion of the Diagnostic Imaging Unit will be completed, incorporating the latest technology, Such as 3 Tesla magnetic resonance, 3D mammogram or tomograph and high-resolution remote control. Likewise, the new clinical analysis laboratory will be put into operation and the gynecologic oncology specialty will be added to the hospital’s portfolio of services with the most outstanding health professionals in the province.

About Grupo Hospitalario HLA

HLA Hospitals Group is one of the largest hospital providers in Spain. It is made up of 18 hospitals and 35 multi-specialty medical centers with reference units in state-of-the-art therapies.who work in an integrated manner to provide access to high-quality healthcare.

With 1,300 hospitalization beds and 40 years of experience, HLA is a benchmark in hospital and outpatient care. Its professionals guarantee a care model based on excellence, innovation, responsibility and humane and close treatment with the patient.

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