Sunday, October 1, 2023

“HeyGen” AI allows a person to automatically speak in different languages

Would you like to see yourself speaking Japanese, German or Hindi? With this new AI, it is possible. The American company HeyGen is a platform for automatic video generation using artificial intelligence. The Californian start-up launched its video translation function on September 7, causing a general stir on the networks.

How does HeyGen AI video translation work?

The tool, simply called “Video Translate,” is an artificial neural network, which means it is a system whose operation is modeled and inspired by biological neurons.

To use the HeyGen video translator, simply upload a video of more than 30 seconds where the person speaks in one of the 7 languages ​​supported by the AI: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Hindi and Polish. What is especially striking about this technology is the lip synchronization, since both the tone of voice and the facial expressions of the speaker remain very faithful to the original version.

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The companies ElevenLabs or Meta Plateforms, the parent company of Facebook, had also already launched artificial intelligence tools for automatic voice cloning and automatic transcription of speeches in several languages. However, none allows these two functionalities to be combined into one, as HeyGen does.

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In the context of the strikes of Hollywood screenwriters and actors (SAG-AFTRA Strike) fighting for a reform of copyright agreements and regulation of the use of artificial intelligence, the launch of this technology can effectively confirm fears and the need for regulation requested by actors, the film dubbing industry or translators, among others.

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