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Here you have the best fruit to lose weight, according to two nutritionists

Have you ever eaten dragon fruit? According to two nutritionists, this exotic fruit would be ideal for losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way. We explain it to you.

It is now proven: to lose weight in a healthy way (and not regain it too quickly) a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is necessary. Yes, but here it is: what are the best fruits and vegetables for your figure? Canadian nutritionist Lisa Richards and American dietitian Trista Best answered this question for our American colleagues at SheFinds.

According to the two nutrition experts, the best fruit for your figure would be… dragon fruit. Little known in France, this exotic fruit is full of qualities; First of all, it contains a lot of dietary fiber (around 3 g per 100 g) which makes it a very good ally for satiety with few calories (36 Kcal per 100 g).

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Furthermore, as specialists explain, “its richness in fiber makes it a prebiotic food: it nourishes the intestinal microbiota, thus contributing to the health of the digestive system and promoting good digestion. This is the key to losing weight.”

An exotic fruit good for your health and your figure

Furthermore, according to nutritionists, pitahaya contains an interesting amount of iron: “in 170 g of fruit we find around 1 g of iron,” they point out. However, a lack of iron is responsible for abnormal fatigue; fatigue that favors a sedentary lifestyle… and inevitably leads to weight gain.

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The last argument in favor of pitahaya is its concentration of antioxidants; “This exotic fruit contains vitamin C and, in particular, vitamin B, which promote weight loss efforts by fighting oxidative stress at the cellular level,” experts say.

The only drawback of dragon fruit is its relatively high price, since it is imported from Asia. An interesting food to discover, of course, but one that we probably don’t include on the menu every day…

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