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Here is the most effective exercise to live better and longer (and without going to the gym)

The most effective exercise to live longer and in good health is a daily exercise whose benefits are scientifically proven. This is confirmed by a study carried out by Gianni Pes, researcher at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine at the University of Sassari. It was in 1999 when the expert verified that going up and down stairs, steep slopes or hills contributes to a longer life. This is explained in a chapter of the documentary. 100 years of plenitude: The secrets of the blue zones (sure Netflix), produced by the writer Dan Buettnerwho travels to the regions of the planet with the highest life expectancy, looking for the factors they have in common that explain this longevity.

The traditional Blue Zone lifestyle encourages physical exercise.

Going up and down stairs has long been recommended, but it is striking that there is a direct correlation between the slope of the terrain and longevity. How to explain Gianni Pes, in these blue zones, in the region of Barbagia in Sardaigne, in the centenary habitants of the exercise without their compte car, among other people, in the raison du terrain, in their doivent monter and descentre des collines tous the days. He reached this conclusion after interviewing 300 centenarians and determined that the steep slopes of this town are a factor in longevity because, among other things, climbing them requires additional energy expenditure. If we add to this that they climb at least 30 steps a day, especially because they live in two- or three-story houses, the count is good. Furthermore, the 2013 study Blue Zones: areas of exceptional longevity around the worldproduced by Gianni Pes In collaboration with Michel Poulain and Ana Hermhighlights how geographical features, such as mountainous areas, influence ensuring a healthy lifestyle that involves intense physical activity, even after age 80.
In another blue zone, on the Japanese island of Okinawa, older people walk and tend to their gardens, which strengthens the lower body and influences life expectancy. As Gianni Pes said in an interview with Favorite magazineHis best advice to try to extend life expectancy is simple and effective: “Love your friends, love your family and do lots of physical activities outdoors, like climbing the Sardinian hills.”

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Going up and down stairs increases NEAT…

So Sandra Lorden AlvarezThe personal trainer explained it to us, in reference to the physical activity that we practice during the day without training and that also contributes to burning calories. NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is an unscheduled energy expenditure and can range from walking to shopping to going up and down stairs. “All of this helps us to have greater caloric expenditure throughout the day and this, day after day, is the key to losing weight,” explains the expert.

…and helps fight cellulite

Patricia Garintherapist in The concept of beauty, confirms that regular physical activity is an effective weapon against cellulite and that using the stairs helps eliminate it. “It’s a very simple practice that we should do every day.” It is a great exercise for the lower body (legs and glutes) and a good cardiovascular exercise.

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The importance of posture.

As he explains to usArsenal Women Madrid, it is important to take care of your posture when climbing stairs. “As with any physical activity, controlling your posture provides better results. You must always attach the abdominal belt and therefore be able to keep the spine straight, without leaning forward, and ensure that the shoulder blades are well anchored. In addition, it is also beneficial to move your arms strongly when climbing stairs and thus activate all the muscles of the body.”

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