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Here are five things you should know about Duran Duran (in concert Wednesday in Montreal)

The group Duran Duran, English pop sensation of the 80s, will make a stop this Wednesday at the Bell Center in Montreal. Nostalgia time!

However, if we often associate them with this decade, the group has never ceased its activity for 45 years, offering albums of new songs every year.

We still hope to hear the classics. The Reflection, River either new moon on monday on stage next Wednesday night.

While you wait for the big night, here are five things you should know about Duran Duran.

1. Duran Duran was founded in 1978.

The three founding members at that time were Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Stephen Duffy. The latter will leave soon to pursue a solo career. The most “classic” formation of the group, made up of Simon Lebon (64), Roger Taylor (63), John Taylor (63), Andy Taylor (62) and Nick Rhodes (61), began to become known in 1980. Please note Note that the Three Taylor group are not related.

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2. Duran Duran has long been Lady Di’s favorite band

It’s a well-known fact: the British tabloid press delights in the slightest information about the royal family. Thus, in the early 1980s we learned that Lady Di’s favorite group was indeed Duran Duran.

in the series The crown Going through the notable moments of the royal family, we can see a poster of the group on the wall of the future princess’s bedroom.

In 2007, 10 years after his death, Durán Durán participated in the event. Concert for Diana to honor his memory.

3. The band composed one of the most popular songs from a James Bond movie.

A view to kill, taken from the soundtrack of the film of the same name, will be the first title of the famous agent 007 films to rise to the top of the charts. And to this day he remains the only one who has experienced this privilege. Even Paul McCartney had to settle for a number 2 with Live and Let Die.

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4. Duran Duran has always been known for their great music videos.

If there is a combo that the MTV generation has made the most of, it is Duran Duran. The production of his singles rivaled in importance with the recording of the piece itself. Even in its beginnings, when the group had not yet found its way into the programming of American commercial radio stations, it made its entrance onto the airwaves of MTV with the clip Hungry like the wolf.

They were among the first to dedicate an entire video to music videos. His first music video compilation even won a Grammy. Over the years, his memorable clips have received awards numerous times: Girls in the movie and Hungry like the wolf for best music video at the 1984 Grammy Awards, wild boys for Best Music Video at the 1985 Brit Awards.

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5. A new Halloween album for October 27

Duran Duran will release a new Halloween-themed album on October 27. Your title? Macabre dance. The idea for this rare concept album in the group’s discography came to Simon LeBon after a show on October 31 of last year. Wednesday’s performance in Montreal should also reveal some of his songs. While giving pride of place to the singles that made Duran Duran one of the most popular pop groups on the planet at a certain time.

Singer Simon Le Bon, bassist John Taylor and guitarist Dominic Brown during a Duran Duran concert on August 22 at the North Island Credit Union Amphitheater in Chula Vista, California. MEGA/WENN

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