Friday, September 22, 2023

Health. Why social media can be dangerous for… your teeth

Filed teeth, applications of “veneers”, lightened… For several years, the trends of whitened or trimmed teeth have been very popular on social networks.

The French Union of Oral Health (UFSBD) has echoed the phenomenon and warns about the consequences of such practices for dental health.

Some responsible influencers

“These practices, under the guise of aesthetic pretensions, which include unnecessary dental mutilations, unprofessional orthodontic treatments and the use of teeth whitening products that do not comply with standards, can seriously compromise oral health,” warns the ‘UFSBD.

The union points out the responsibility of social networks in the development of these phenomena, praised by certain influencers.

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She says she is “particularly concerned about the promotion of cosmetic dental procedures to reposition teeth, which are actually similar to dental mutilation, such as filing or cutting teeth.”

All the teeth are filed and then crowns are placed on them.

“False teeth at 30”

Several dentists, present on social networks, have also warned of the dangers of filing teeth, “shark teeth.” One of them, Doctor Kevin, dedicated a video to him on his TikTok channel. It tells the story of a young man who, five years after having his teeth filed and crowns placed, had to have all his teeth extracted, sick “to the roots.” He “Will have false teeth at 30.”

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Orthodontic treatments are also highlighted, outside of dental consultations. While these procedures require the expertise of a professional, being performed outside of an office “can lead to serious complications, adverse outcomes, and deterioration in oral health.”

Latest maligned trend, teeth whitening. “The UFSBD warns against the use of teeth whitening products sold on the Internet whose composition does not comply with current regulations.”

According to the Union, they could contain dangerous ingredients. He points out that dental surgeons are the only experts capable of providing adequate treatment.

Source: UFSBD

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