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Health: these worrying symptoms that vaping can cause

First introduced in Europe in 2005, vaping is presented as an alternative to tobacco and is primarily aimed at people who want to stop smoking traditional cigarettes. However, addiction to “vaping devices” can cause adverse health effects.

Presented as a less harmful alternative to smoking, vaping continues to gain popularity in France, where smokers are looking for a way to reduce their exposure to cigarette-related risks and combustion-related effects.

According to data published by Public Health France last May, France had around 3 million “daily vapers” in 2022, or 5.5% of the population. Despite this success among smokers since its appearance in Europe in 2005, vaping can still cause harmful health effects. In reality, it is not the product itself that can cause problems, but its packaging, starting with nicotine.

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In fact, certain vaping products may contain this substance which will make it more difficult to quit smoking.

Addictive aside, nicotine is absorbed into the lungs when inhaled. Thus, it moves quickly in the blood and can, therefore, enter the brain and other organs of the body, thus increasing “in the short term blood pressure and heart rate in the minutes and hours following consumption.”

Diarrhea, breathing problems and headaches.

Vaping products can also cause throat and mouth irritation, headaches, coughing, and nausea. According to a report published by The Public Health Advocate of the American University of Berkeley, and transmitted by the National Institutes of Health of the United States (NIH), vaping users could develop respiratory failure that causes tremors, dyspnea (sudden difficulty breathing) , seizures or even vaping-associated lung diseases (VAPD).

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Additionally, according to the LAD Bible, vaping can cause numbness of the tongue or even diarrhea. Specifically, since vaping liquids come in various ranges and flavors, some of which are very sweet, the artificial sweeteners present in the liquids can cause diarrhea if consumed in large quantities.

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