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Health report – Dr. Christian Recchia: “1 in 4 French people consume it, but none and diet soft drinks are a disaster for health”

These drinks are disasters for your health. “One in four French people consume low-fat foods. These are products rich in protein, low in sugar, limited to 1000 kilocalories. When you start eating fake sugars, changes occur in the body.“, received Dr. Christian Recchia on guard.

When you drink a soda, guaranteed zero, the brain is tricked. When you drink this zero soda, the brain perceives a sweet taste. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas. So that ? Not at all, since there is nothing to assimilate. And then, you cause reactive hypoglycemia. (…) Zero soda is as toxic as normal soda“explains the doctor.

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“It is a disaster”

Regarding sweeteners, ANSES recommends generally reducing the sweet taste in the diet. “The ANSES work on intense sweeteners does not demonstrate any benefit from the consumption of intense sweeteners on weight control, on blood sugar levels in diabetic subjects or on the incidence of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, as far as To sugary drinks in particular, sugary drinks (such as sugary drinks) should not replace water consumption“, summarizes the Health Agency in a press release.

When you eat a balanced diet of a thousand kilocalories, you do not eat enough products, not even protein, to repair your daily work. A few hours after the meal you are hungry, this is extremely perverse, because it causes hyperglycemia, it causes hyperinsulinism and hyperinsulinism, that is, too much insulin secretion causes alterations at the level of triglycerides, at the level of cholesterol, at the level of the vessels. It is a disaster“, Martèle Dr. Recchia.

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VIDEO – Health report – Dr. Christian Recchia: “Diabetes is an international epidemic and here are the signs to watch out for”

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