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Health professionals rumble: Will your doctor be on indefinite strike starting October 13?

Health professionals rumble: Will your doctor be on indefinite strike starting October 13? A day of mobilization is planned for Friday, October 13, and several unions are calling for an indefinite strike.

All unions representing private doctors call for a strike on Friday, October 13, 2023, some have “unlimited” mobilization. The call was broadcast on Monday, September 18, by the Confederation of French Medical Unions (CSMF), one of the largest unions in the sector.

“By acting in this way together with all representative medical unions, but also with all medical professional components, of all generations, the CSMF acts responsibly to defend the health of the French. Access to healthcare and their health are at stake. “The center of our concerns will be the first social problem of the next 20 years,” the union declared in a press release.

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“We lack doctors. We lack caregivers. And this will last (…) Let us invest in our health system to make our professions attractive, to reinvent the social pact of which we are so proud, and to guarantee that all French people are cared for. they deserve in the years to come.”

Which unions announce an indefinite strike?

The CSMF announced that it was joining the indefinite strike. This is also the call of the SML (Union of Liberal Doctors) and the UFML-S (French Union of Free Medicine).

The term “renewable” mobilization has been softened by the MG France union, which will mobilize on Friday, October 13. The FMF (French Federation of Doctors) announced to the AFP its call for a “renewable strike” through its president Patricia Lefébure.

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What do doctors ask for?

Several health professionals are calling for an increase in the price of consultations to make the profession more attractive. Today it is set at 26.50 euros for general practitioners and 31.50 euros for specialists; Doctors expect a “more ambitious” increase of between 30 and 50 euros for a basic consultation. They denounce the increasingly difficult working conditions, especially due to the insufficient number of doctors, which causes work overloads.

Health professionals are also very angry against the bill by MP Frédéric Valletoux (Horizons), fearing that it will impose new obligations, such as on-call care, i.e. on-call service, for self-employed doctors.

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