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Health benefits of agar-agar: cancer, diabetes, use

Agar-agar is a natural gelling agent that reduces appetite. Practical when you take care of your figure. It would also help traffic when you are lazy. Benefits and instructions for use.


What is agar agar?

The agar-agar is andssu from a variety of red algae from the Gelidiaceae and Gracilariaceae families. Discovered in Japan, this galactose polymer is widely used in traditional Japanese and Asian baking. “Its origin is vegetal: agar-agar is produced from algae dehydration“, emphasizes Emilie Demoly, nutritionist dietician, expert in micronutrition, in Paris. Agar-agar is, therefore, a gelling product, composed of carbohydrates and agarose. It is referenced in the list of food additives under the reference E406. His composition per 100g:

  • calories: 335 kcal;
  • very low glycemic index: 15;
  • protein: 0.3g;
  • lipids: 0.1 g;
  • carbohydrates (soluble fiber): 83.2 g;
  • calcium: 500 mg;
  • potassium: 13 mg;
  • magnesium: 12.3 mg;
  • iron: 5 mg;
  • phosphorus: 8.5 mg.
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Consisting of 80% fiberIt swells in the stomach until it triples its volume and therefore tempers the appetite.underlines Émilie Demoly.

What are its health benefits?

Agar-agar allowslighten culinary preparations, gel them and compact them. “It may be interesting to introduce it into the diet of overweight people due to its satiating properties.” she specifies.
It can also be very interesting in Vegetarian diets as a substitute for animal gelatin.

Does it have any benefits for diabetes?

Agar-agar due to its Low carbohydrate content would have an effect on blood sugar levels. Therefore, it could have an interesting impact for people with type 2 diabetes. To date, research is being carried out to prove this.

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Does it have anti-cancer benefits?

The benefit of agar-agar has not been scientifically proven against cancer. It can be a very good ally for people who have swallowing problems or swallowing problems during therapeutic treatments.

Does it have any benefits for digestion?

Agar-agar does not have specific benefits on digestion, it has a Satiety effect due to its richness in fiber.. Therefore, it will stimulate intestinal transit and act on the microbiota. “It should be avoided in people with fragile intestines. In fact, consumed in high doses, it has a real laxative effect“he points out.

Agar-agar should be used. occasionally as a culinary aid. “It is often found in the form of flakes, filaments or powder.“. It can be an interesting ingredient to substitute or use less flour and/or cornstarch. “It has no taste or smell, it can be used in all types of sweet or savory preparations”, adds Émilie Demoly. There are many recipes in which agar-agar can be integrated: “You can add some gelatin leaves to your mousses, flans, jellies, terrines, etc.

How much to consume per day?

Agar-agar is used in very small quantities.and not daily”he insists. The average amount of agar-agar consumed is 2 to 4 g/liter of liquid.

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What are the dangers of agar-agar?

Consuming agar-agar in high doses would cause flatulence and could have an impact on intestinal transit for its laxative effect.

Are there any contraindications?

There are no contraindications for the use of agar-agar, nor for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Thanks to Émilie Demoly, nutritionist dietician expert in micronutrition, in Paris and Yvelines.

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