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he is a world class hero

Monterey ,

They are rivals in life and on the field, but when they defend the players of Mexico tigers why striped of powerchair soccerThey make teams.

Wheelchair soccer players have not only worked on stretching their discipline but also on technical and tactical positioning with their coaches for the World Cup, to be held in Phoenix, Arizona, from January 13 to 15.

“This is our start, we are very nervous and at the same time very happy to be part of this first team. We have high hopes, there was already a tournament in November, I had to play with Adrian and we got along very well with other teammates as well. I think we are a strong team,” he said. Ruben SanchezFrom Raydos Team.

The squad for the World Cup is as follows: Andres Gonzalez, Adrian Sanchez and Angel Carlos Aguiarby the Tigers, and Tito Camiro, Mario Gutierrez and Ruben Sanchezby Raydos.

teams of new lion they train in American College and High Performance State Paralympic Center (SIPER)both in san pedro garza garciaUnder the supervision of jose luis onofreTigres coach, and Pablo Valero, Rayados coach.

“We expect to play a good role, I think we will have a good role because we are very well prepared, thanks to the teachers’ training sessions,” said the striker.

what is power chair soccer?

powerchair football hey wheelchair soccer It is “a sport for people with various deformities or motor conditions, (who) have to use a motorized wheelchair to be able to move independently”, according to its official website Quote on.

they are followed as a union Association of International Powercherries Football Federation To provide a sporting activity for people with mobility problems.

mainly played in Canada, United States, Mexico and Europe, The American continent has the Copa America and the Copa Libertadores. Mexico will appear in the next World Championship.

This form of football is played on a field with four people per team, all in motorized wheelchairs, playing time is two sets of 20 minutes each.

“We are very happy to be part of these teams, the first team created in Mexico was Tigres, later the Rayados team and now also Saltillo, Chihuahua is already joining, some teams from Mexico are already joining. What is the intention of this? Well, that each Mexican soccer team has its own team of powerchairs and thus we have a soccer league,” Sánchez said.

With the invasion of teams from other states, coach José Luis Onofre indicated that the idea is a wheelchair soccer league with teams from liga mx,

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