Monday, June 5, 2023

hard drive | Mexican football, now yes?

Disappointed, Mexican fans will see tomorrow the final of the World Cup in Qatar 2022, Argentina-France. Our national team did not reach the fourth game on this occasion.

Yon de Luisa, president of the Mexican Football Federation, A major restructuring of the game is announced… as is announced every four years he failed to carry on … and denied he was going to resign. Can not. The owner does not give up what is his.

experience has taught us Changes announced like this are usually pyrotechnic but short-lived., that in a few months everything will be back to normal in our mediocre football, where advertising takes priority over sportsmanship. It is understood that profits are above all other considerations, and they are willing to squeeze them even at the risk of business dying.

This will not be the first industry in history succumb to the greed of your bossesWhich has been taken too far in the case of Mexican football: two tournaments a year, without relegation, with 12 teams that can qualify for the league, with questionable million-dollar payments to preserve franchises at the end of the tournament. With the system, an infinite carousel of mediocre coaching managers, no major international matches, a plethora of foreign players (most of them well-paid lumps), team timeshare, player agents who enforce their own rules , the endless t-shirt ads that dilute the team colors, the problem among others…

The United States and Canada have overtaken us in the CONCACAF field, in South America they don’t want to know anything about us, and in Europe Mexican football is unknown.

What has been different on this occasion, and what keeps some glimmer of hope on the horizon, is that The editorial treatment given by Televisa—the undisputed owner of Mexican football—for the failure of the national team.

The Night Mexico Was Killed, Journalist dennis merkerThe anchor of his nightly news issued a scathing editorial condemning how the sport was being managed, which was read as an unusual goal, a self-criticism of business too deeply rooted in business. .

Similarly, in parallel, a special program has been aired during the World Cup, “The Masters in Play”, hosted by Ricardo Pelaez, where the national team is surrounded by many technicians who know football, he has broken down the technical part of the teams in Qatar, but incidentally he has strongly criticized the Mexican business model, with Peláez’s clear vision to be “creative”. and propose solutions”. In an unusual tone even for Televisa, even with high-sounding words, where you can breathe a lot of freshness and freedom.

The question is whether they are separate expressions, allowed for editorial plurality, or is it signs that there is a desire to change In possession of the ball to really change the way they behave?

Time will tell if there really is a shock coming or just a little cosmetic tremor like we do every four years.

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