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How many white rhinos will be reintroduced to the wild in Africa?

2000. This is about billionaire John Hume’s controversial platinum rhino breeding in South Africa, which has just been sold to African Parks. The non-governmental nature conservation organization, which manages 22 national parks in 12 countries on the continent, plans to reintroduce rhinos into the wild over the next 10 years. The white rhino, which was on the brink of extinction during the last century, remains an endangered species. The northern white rhino subspecies is practically extinct: only two females remain alive in the world.

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Quebec to test wood-based asphalt

Green News Of The Week


The Quebec company FPInnovations has developed a new asphalt that contains lignin, a compound extracted from wood.

A new asphalt containing lignin, a compound derived from wood, was tested on a road in Montérégie at the beginning of the month, following conclusive small-scale tests. Lignin replaces part of the bitumen, a compound derived from petroleum, which serves as a binder in asphalt. Therefore, lignin-based “bioasphalt” reduces the use of non-renewable fossil products and could even prolong the life of roads. The Quebec company that developed it, FPInnovations, has just obtained federal financial assistance of 1.5 million dollars, within the framework of the Forestry Innovation Program.

Canada among the main “planet killers”

Green News Of The Week


Oil and gas exploitation projects planned in Canada represent 10% of the new global sources of fossil fuels expected between 2023 and 2025, deplores a report published on Tuesday by an NGO.

Oil and gas projects planned in Canada represent 10% of the world’s new sources of fossil fuels expected between 2023 and 2025, deplores a report published Tuesday by the non-governmental organization Oil Change International. New Canadian oil and gas production, mainly from hydraulic fracturing, will add 18.6 gigatonnes of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, or 28 times Canada’s annual emissions, the organization estimates, highlighting that the country It will thus become the second most important “planet.” “murderers” responsible for the expansion of fossil fuels.

The “fire ant” takes hold in Europe

Green News Of The Week


“The Fire Ants”invincible solenopsis) owe their name to the painful stings they cause, which can cause anaphylactic shock.

One of the world’s worst invasive alien species has established itself for the first time in Europe. A mature population of “fire ants” (invincible solenopsis) was discovered on the Italian island of Sicily last winter, reports a study published September 11 in the journal Current biology. This ant, native to South America, owes its name to the painful stings it causes, which can cause anaphylactic shock and have an impact on ecosystems and agriculture. Currently, around 7% of European territory is suitable for this, mainly along the Mediterranean coast, but global warming will increase this proportion to 50%, warn the authors of the study.

McInnis cement plant fined

Green News Of The Week


The McInnis cement plant in Port-Daniel-Gascons, in Gaspésie

The McInnis cement plant in Port-Daniel-Gascons, in Gaspésie, was found guilty of violating the Environmental Quality Law of Quebec and sentenced to a fine of $7,500 last August. The plant of the Ontario company St Marys Cement, a subsidiary of the Brazilian Votorantim Cimentos, had discharged water into Chaleur Bay and Lake McInnis that exceeded the standard of 30 milligrams per liter (mg/L) of suspended materials in April 2021, Quebec said in a press release published last week. Costs and a contribution of $4,302 are added to this fine.

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