Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Generators take over until Monday.

Residents of the Bugue public nursing home have lived long hours in the dark since Friday afternoon. The electrical transformer of the nursing home failed, which caused a power outage. Immediately, the emergency generator was started to ensure the “essential functions“, explains the mayor of Le Bugue and president of the board of directors of Ehpad, Serge Leonidas. A few hours after the cut, the city council sent its own generator to the place, which made it possible to restart part of the equipment of the kitchen, but most of it part of the Ehpad was still without electricity.

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143 residents in the dark

We have never had a breakdown since it exists.“, explains the mayor, “I know we didn’t react soon enough, but there is no 400 kVA generator on the shelves of Brico Marché.“ justifies Serge Leonidas.

There is no light in the rooms until Sunday morning.

According to families, the situation has been especially difficult for caregivers. The lifts were working but in particular the electric beds had to go downstairs to plug in and adjust before going up to the residents rooms. Until the night from Saturday to Sunday there was no electricity in the rooms of the 143 residents, only the landline phone worked.

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Diagnosis and repairs at the beginning of the week.

Around 2 in the morning this Sunday a 400 kVA generator was installed fully restore electricity in Ehpad until Monday. “Everything works“He wants to reassure Serge Léonidas. The diesel tank should guarantee the supply of the Ehpad until the intervention of a company to repair or replace the transformer.

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