Sunday, October 1, 2023

Gemini Propaganda | The Montreal Journal

Did you see this surreal scene in Gémeaux, when presenter Pierre-Yves Lord asked the star-studded audience to sing? We are humansBecause in 2023 we are no longer girls or boys?

I don’t know what caused the biggest upset: hearing a presenter take up such a vague concept or seeing our TV stars agree to sing such a stupid slogan.

Did we really need to be sold this woke propaganda, this cat food in a show that is supposed to be an “inclusive” party, but that “excludes” biology?

It looked like a Quebec solidarity conference.


We know that this year, for the first time, the acting awards were gender neutral. No one in the industry asked for this, but an Academy activist decided that these awards would be given without distinction of gender. “Gender right now is a pretty fluid topic. We wanted to let the performers choose where they saw themselves best represented,” stated this person who is clearly… a woman.

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In his opening monologue, Pierre-Yves Lord asked the boys present in the room to show their enthusiasm. He then asked the girls to shout for him to come closer. Then David Savard and Véronique Claveau interrupted him to tell him (laughing) that in 2023 this would no longer happen and that from now on we were just… human.

Pierre-Yves Lord sang a little song saying “We are human” and encouraged Louis Morissette or Sophie Prégent to sing.

I understand the irony.

But I found it particularly uncomfortable to see an entire audience of stars (even though they were dressed in a very gender-neutral way, thank you) applauding while shouting this babylala catchphrase that they (and they) probably didn’t believe for a long time. a single second.

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We still live in strange times. On the one hand, we are told that the binary does not exist. That “man” and “woman” are obsolete categories. That sex is a social construction.

And on the other hand, we have never heard so much about the differences between the sexes. Are you unhappy in a male body? You are transitioning into a female body. And vice versa.

We have never so valued, indeed glorified, crude discussions about sexual appendages or sexual tastes.

At the show Beyond sexon Télé-Québec, we ask stars to talk about their sexuality.

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Co-host Rose-Aimée Automne T. Morin had her vulva molded in the episode broadcast yesterday. We see her with her dress raised and with straps placed on her pubis. We then see the vulva molder unmold the plaster and be very careful not to “break the clitoris” out of the mold.

But if we are no longer men or women, we are just “humans”, what the hell do we call someone who has a vulva and has it molded on Quebec public television?

In the same episode, Simon Boulerice talks about his “sperm phobia.” But damn it! What do we call humans who have a penis from which said sperm comes out?


“We are humans”? No, Pierre-Yves! I am a woman, thank you good night!

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