Monday, June 5, 2023

Garamendi keeps Sanchez Libre at the helm of CEOE despite his opposition maneuvering

CEOE President Antonio Garamendi has announced this Wednesday the names that will form the employer’s management leadership. There is no change in the vice-presidency and Josep Sánchez Libre has renewed his mandate. The leader of Foment del Trebol manipulated so that Garamendi would not renew his position as president of the employers’ association. In fact, he was one of the promoters of the candidacy of Virginia Guinda, who challenged the Basque businessman for the presidency last November, although she was ultimately re-elected with 83% of the vote.

According to a statement published by Foment del Trebol, Libre has expressed the “generosity” of the president of the employers’ association and affirmed that the CEOE “comes out more reinforced and united”. Doubts were raised about his continuance in office as a result of his support for the candidacy of Guinda, whose list ultimately received only 87 votes compared to Garamendi’s 534. Several names from Foment del Trebol have also joined the employers’ executive committee: Baldiri Rose, representing businessmen in the agricultural sector, Santiago García-Nieto, from the Catalunya Business Confederation of Hotels and Restaurants, José Rodríguez, from supermarket employers. (ASEDAS), and Trade Representatives Francisco Belil and Juan Gaspart.

In addition to the renewal of Sánchez Libre, the Board of Directors, held this Wednesday, announced the names of two new vice presidents of the employers’ association: Alejandra Kindelon, president of the Spanish Banking Association (AEB) and Maria Helena Antolin, vice president for Grupo Antolin, manufacture of automobile parts. Dedicated Spanish multinational company. He replaces the president of the employers’ union of the electric companies AELEC, Marina Serrano, and the president of the pharmaceutical company Grupo Juste, Inés Juste. The latter has been proposed as a patron and future vice-chairman of the CEOE Foundation. In addition, Miguel Garrido, president of the Madrid employers’ association CEIM, has been elected as first vice president.

The remaining vice-presidencies remain: Lorenzo Amor, president of the Federation of Self-Employed Workers (ATA), Gerardo Cuerva, president of Sepemi, president of the Institute of Economic Studies (IEE), K. ), Íñigo Fernández de Mesa, President of the Insurance Employers’ Association (UNESPA), Pilar González de Frutos, President of the Andalusian Employers’ Association (CEA), Javier González de Lara, President of the Valencian Employers’ Association (CEV), Salvador Navarro, and the Association of Construction Julian Nuñez, President of the Association of Companies and Concessionaires (SIOPANA).

As a novelty, a figure has been created for regional coordination, which is under Javier González de Lara (CEA), and another for regional coordination, which will be carried out by Julián Núñez (SOPAN). During the meeting, the renewal of Íñigo Fernández de Mesa as President of the Institute of Economic Studies, Santiago Aparicio as President of the Higher Institute of Business Studies (ISEE) and Fátima Báñez as President of the CEOE Foundation was approved. With these appointments, the management leadership of the employers’ association is defined until 2026, when the term of the current president expires.

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