Saturday, June 3, 2023

Gallos Negros announced several reinforcements

Los Gallos Negros are looking to build a competitive team for the 2023 campaign of the Professional American Soccer League of Mexico (LFA), so through their social networks they have announced the appointment of some players to key positions, supporting That commitment is to win the championship, which had slipped out of hand in the previous campaign.

So far, this professional American football team from Queretaro has released the names of three North American players and three citizens, the latter already being part of the team in the previous season, to which they were reassigned, the first eight. became a strong element. , Because it still remains to be analyzed what the experience was like in the trial, as well as what his prospects will be in the league draft.

As for the North American players who have already signed their contracts with the Gallos Negros, there is Clark Heazlett, a quarterback with an outstanding career in Whatcom Country, which is why he is considered a star element that is part of our team. The unit will come with a determination to showcase their quality and will be an important part of taking the team to the target, which is the LFA Championship.

Queretaro also announced the arrival of two players who play the running back position, Tabius Taylor from Hopewell, Virginia, and Trey Barnett from Atlanta, Georgia, where he established himself as a key player at the University of Georgia. installed. , winning the trophy as Most Valuable Player or MVP, averaging over 110 rushing yards per game, in addition to being considered one of the 5 best in the United States.

The fourth foreign player signed by Querétaros so far is Jermaine Briley Jr., who plays in the cornerback position, who hails from Mansfield, Texas, who shared that he was very excited to be part of the LFA with the Gallos Negros and He stated that he was a lover of Mexican culture, while those who were re-hired for the next season are defensive back Julio Cesar Obregón Soto who will wear #14, lineman Juan Salvador Pérez Durán who will wear #11, Luis Enrique Lopez with Enriquez Gonzalez #53 and Elias Gonzalez #71.

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