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“France will not welcome immigrants coming from Lampedusa,” announces Darmanin

By John Timsit

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The day after his meeting in Rome with his Italian counterpart about the influx of immigrants suffered by the small island, the Minister of the Interior was the guest on Tuesday afternoon at 8:00 p.m. on TF1.

Back in France. While the migration crisis in Lampedusa, reinforced by the influx of migrants who have landed in recent days on this small Italian island, has relaunched the thorny debate on European solidarity in relation to the distribution of asylum seekers, the Minister of Interior was back in France after his round trip to Rome where he spoke with his counterpart on Monday. Guest on Tuesday at 8pm on TF1, Gérald Darmanin announced that “France will not welcome immigrants coming from Lampedusa».

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«There is irregular immigration in Europe, in France and Italy thatwe must fight, and thisIt is not welcoming more people thanwe are going to dry up a flow that obviously affects our ability tointegration», added the tenant of Place Beauvau. Yes France”wants a position of firmness, However, he does not intend to turn a deaf ear. “We told our Italian friends that we were willing to help them return people to countries with which we have good diplomatic relations.», said the first police officer in France.

In detail, between last Monday and Wednesday some 8,500 people arrived, more than the population of Lampedusa, according to the United Nations migration agency. According to the ruler, 60% of these are “french speakers». «There are Ivorians, Senegalese… whoI do not askasylum in europe», also indicated Gérald Darmanin. According to the minister, “We must distinguish immigrants from people who are political refugees.»

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“The solution is European”

That is why France asks Italy to carry out “control S» to distinguish between these two categories. “If people are eligible forasylum, sThey are persecuted sexually, politically, religiously, obviously cIt is the duty of France, asother European countries, to welcome you, argued Gérald Darmanin. But if people are not eligible for theasylum, as is the case of the nationalities that we are seeing at this moment, of the Ivorians, the Gambians, the Senegalese, the Tunisians, there is nodoes not exist, with some exceptions,that political asylum be granted to these people.»

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In this second scenario, “must be returned»ces immigrants «in his country“. To face it, France is “ready to help» Italy, or in the “deported to the border” any “at the reception of the French police officers» on Italian soil. “The solution is European and among Europeans we must be firm.»

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