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four tips to prepare well


Of course, you can start a course of vitamin D to boost your immune system. But supplementation is not necessarily necessary: ​​you can very easily find this vitamin in foods.

They are rich in oily fish (herring, sardines, salmon and mackerel), offal, egg yolk, dairy products enriched with vitamin D, butter, margarine and cheese. If you’re tempted by magnesium, vitamin C, or zinc treatments, talk to your doctor first.

Go out

The main source of vitamin D is the sun. Spending between a quarter of an hour and half an hour outdoors is enough for the skin to synthesize vitamin D and preserve not only the immune system, but also bone health.

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In addition, spending time in the sun improves your mood, especially when it is scarce, the days get shorter and the light decreases. If this is not enough, consider phototherapy, which is effective against seasonal depression (also called “seasonal affective disorder”).


Half an hour of walking a day is ideal if you can’t find the courage to engage in a more invigorating activity. This moderate activity keeps the body alert, but also reduces stress, fatigue and low morale.

If you don’t want to give up your weekly running session, adapt your equipment: as heat loss is greater in the extremities, cover your head, feet and hands well. And remember to hydrate well.

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Enjoy the small pleasures

You don’t need to abuse yourself every day, especially when the weather and your mood are really gloomy. Drinking tea or hot chocolate under a blanket while listening to music or watching a series is also very good. As long as you don’t go to bed too late: maintaining a regular sleep schedule is one of the keys to getting through the cold season.

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