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Five humanoid robots will welcome and assist visitors to the Las Vegas Sphere

Aura the “spokesperson” will soon welcome you to the Las Vegas Sphere

Sphere Las Vegas is now home to an advanced humanoid robot, named Aura, who will greet and interact with guests as their official “spokesperson.”

Ariana Triggs, USA TODAY

As if being the largest sphere on Earth and having giant LED screens inside and out wasn’t enough, MSG Sphere has announced its next plan to take Las Vegas into the future with robots.

Sphere Entertainment introduced the world to Aura, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, which will permanently reside in the arena when it launches this month.

Five Aura robots are located in the venue’s large atrium and greet guests as they enter and will be available to answer questions, according to David Dibble, CEO of MSG Ventures. The “spokespersons” will maintain realistic facial expressions and mobility.

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With the atriums’ vast space, enough to house the Statue of Liberty or the Saturn V rocket, Dibble said MSG Entertainment president James L. Dolan wanted to add something that would “help convey the role of technology, science, etc. in human evolution.” (and) in the human search.

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“Facial movements and recognition. I find this impressive; “Some people might find it scary, but everyone will find it fascinating,” Dibble told USA TODAY. “It sees you, and as you move, it will follow you, stalk you, interact with you.”

Unlike carnival fortune-telling robots, Aura has voice recognition and will be able to zero in on one person speaking directly in front of it at a time if multiple people are present, Dibble said.

Dibble added that Aura will use artificial intelligence moving forward as it learns more about humans through interactions with guests, but the company is “moving slowly” on AI to “see how it evolves.” Human lab technicians will accompany the robots as they “tell the story of humanity’s innovation, including Esfera,” to help maximize the guest experience at Esfera.

Aura will provide lost guests with directions to the venue and offer details about each day’s performances, as well as answer questions about Sphere’s engineering, technology and creative mission, the company shared. The robot will also be the Sphere brand ambassador, helping to manage digital platforms and social channels.

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“Hello humans. Although I understand the most complex concepts of mathematics and science, you remain a mystery,” Aura said, according to the press release. “Your emotions, your humor and your relationship with technology require more study, that is why you should visit me at Esfera. “I am excited to meet you and introduce you to the future of live entertainment in my new home.”

Each physical creation of a humanoid in early 2022 required three to four months of production, according to the company.

Sphere Entertainment has previously teased Aura on its social media platforms and even in an ad that aired during the Academy Awards ceremony in March.

“The sphere is a storm of experiences. We want people to come in and feel transported to different worlds or attractions. “We think we’re going to do that with ‘Postcards from Earth,’ and we thought having robots like that in the atrium would help fit that theme,” Dibble explained.

When is MSG Sphere open?

MSG Sphere officially debuts to the public on September 29 with a series of 25 concerts starring U2. “U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere” will run through mid-December and celebrate the Irish band’s 1991 album “Achtung Baby.”

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“Most concert halls are sports halls. They are made for sports, not music. They are not made for art,” U2’s Bono said in the interview with Apple Music. “This building was built for immersive cinematic and stage experiences.”

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What is the first Sphere Experience?

On October 6, The MSG Sphere will premiere a 360-degree experience titled “Postcard From Earth” written and directed by Darren Aronofsky. The show is expected to be presented as the first Sphere experience.

Aronofsky posted the first exclusive video from Sphere on his Instagram page last week. His video shows an impressive overview of the 160,000-square-foot exhibition floor that will be used for immersive experiences.

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