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Fatty Liver: Physical exercise that helps prevent it; This can be done as follows

Following bad habits throughout life can create irreversible effects within the body. Therefore, Health professionals recommend healthy eating throughout lifeAvoid ultra-processed foods loaded with saturated fat and sugar.

In addition, it is important to perform frequent physical activity according to the age and condition of each patient, and it is necessary to sleep the appropriate number of hours and avoid episodes of stress.

One of the organs of the body that gets affected the most by an excess of food is the liver. That is, according to the United States Library of Health and Medicine, Medline Plus, This organ is responsible for eliminating toxins, digesting food and storing the energy the body needs.

The most common disease that develops within this organ is known as fatty liver; It occurs when there is too much fat in the liver cells, which are responsible for providing structure to the organ while absorbing nutrients from food.

This pathology is diagnosed in patients who have consumed alcohol throughout their lives, as well as It often occurs in patients who are obese and who lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

“According to the US National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, certain health conditions, such as obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, increase your chances of developing fatty liver.”

Most patients do not have any symptoms when they have the disease. Therefore, pathology in most cases is diagnosed when it is already very advanced.

However, patients who do show symptoms suffer from a skin condition and claim to feel tired constantly and for no apparent reason.

Fatty liver is a condition that occurs when fatty acids and triglycerides accumulate excessively in liver cells. – photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

According to the data reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 90% of obese people worldwide also have fatty liver. so It is important to mention that this disease can be diagnosed in patients who are not obese and even in individuals whose weight is in accordance with their height.

The best way to avoid this health condition is to follow a healthy and balanced eating plan that includes foods from all food groups (proteins, carbohydrates in their natural state, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats).

Likewise, it is relevant to practice physical activity and to consult a health professional to find out whether it is possible to consume alcohol, since some patients, due to their medical history, have a greater chance of triggering the said disease. it occurs.

An article published on the portal runners worldsays that running helps keep the liver healthy and protects against diseases like non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

As explained by experts Mayo ClinicA non-profit organization dedicated to clinical practice, education and research, the physical activity or sport performed by each individual has the potential to modify mitochondrial function and thus reduce the risk of fat accumulation within said organ. does.

“This activation of mitochondrial function occurs under aerobic conditions, so Doing athletics can be a good option to reduce its appearance., Along with this, it is also necessary to reduce the risk of fatty liver. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats can prevent disease.

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