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Farmers face damage caused by wild boars: “It is very difficult to receive compensation”

In their area, Marc and Anne Tack are disappointed: “It’s all back here. Plow. In my opinion, nothing will grow.“For fifteen years, this trend has become more pronounced, and wild boar populations are growing exponentially.”There is more and more damage to our crops. This will have no consequences here. It is a green carpet that should be used to cover the floor during the winter. But in the wheat fields, the loss this year is 5 tons!“, confesses Marc, a farmer from Ragnies, in the municipality of Thuin.

Damage worth more than 1,000 euros on a single crop and yet you will not receive any compensation. “The procedure requires us to evaluate our losses before harvest. However, we only noticed them once the combine was in the field.“But even if the procedure could have been followed, nothing would have been simple.

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Once the observation has been made, the designated expert must draw a perimeter of 1 to 5 kilometers around the affected area on the map. All hunts recorded in this circle must be listed. Then you still have to contact all hunting rights owners, because they are ultimately responsible for the damage that hunting causes to crops. “But many do not pay… There are some who are not right,” a hunter from the region told us.

If it is not possible to reach an amicable agreement, the legal procedure remains. But it is long and expensive. In many cases, farmers prefer not to continue with the procedures. “If you have small damages, in number, but spread over several plots, these are all cases that should be taken to court. It is not worth it financially, although the damage can be significant.“says Marc Tack.

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Hunters know this very well and some take advantage of it. That is when impunity or great negotiation reigns. Like carpet sellers, hunters and farmers are trying to reach a final agreement. “It tells me its damage is 1,000. I tell him that in my opinion it is 500. Finally we agree on 750.“, continues a hunter.

While some farmers will be satisfied with these last-minute arrangements, Marc and Anne Tack fear once again this year that they will not get any compensation.

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