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Events that were in the news in Colombia during this year 2022

inflation, progress of the peace process, legalization of abortionTax reform is part of the summary of the main news that happened in the country in 2022.

this is the summary of time.

A year marked by overflowing inflation and the dollar through the roof

Among other things, food prices pushed the cost of living to levels not seen in 23 years, while the currency failed to withstand the weight of political uncertainty.

Two economic facts turned this 2022 into a real headache for Colombians: andHigh cost of living, which reached its highest point in more than two decades (12.53 percent in November) and a dollar that broke all records and expectationsWhile trading at 5,061 pesos on the 5th of the same month, a price that was not in anyone’s account this year.

There were many conditions that gave rise to both inflation and deflation
Exchange rates reached levels that had dire consequences for economies
Both ordinary Colombian and country.

(Continue reading: “Situation normalises in Valle and Choco despite ELN declaring armed strike”).

The phenomenon of runaway inflation has not been exclusive to Colombia. it
the great economies of the planet face as part of the legacy left by
The COVID 19 pandemic – which has also created an unprecedented logistics crisis – and
Due to increase in the price of raw materials and food items arising out of the war
Russia vs Ukraine

In Colombia, a national strike, a strong winter wave, high demand and domestic consumption, among others, also contributed to the phenomenon.

In exchange matters, a number of events put pressure on the rate, but there is no doubt
highlight the political uncertainty created by the arrival of the leftist government,
Some of his early ads and tax reform.

Hidroitungo is already producing energy

For Hidroituango this year has been marked by disputes and battles between the EPM and the National Risk Management Unit over the stability of the rock massif and the potential danger that the mega-project will represent for communities downstream.
Ku ca.

However, on 30 November, the deadline for commissioning the first 2 turbines and not paying the US$180 million fine, EPM started commercial operation of the hydroelectric power plant and it already generates 3.1% of the country’s energy demand.

A recent overview of the project, which begins dynamic and stability testing of the mountain.


Public companies of Medellin

Talks resumed with ELN

In Caracas (Venezuela), talks with ELN resumed on 21 November.
this, in the midst of a confusion of talking areas and In addition to the surprising placement of figures such as Jose, criticism from those who do not trust his progress
Felix Lafaurie and aka Violette at the table.

(Might interest you: ICA declares a sanitary quarantine in Córdoba due to cases of avian influenza).

First round of dialogues ends, four agreements announced: re-take items on the 2016 agenda, institutionalize the table, develop humanitarian actions
and communication plan.

tax reform and the coming $20 billion

In just three months, the finance minister, José Antonio Ocampo, pushed through a tax reform in Congress that would make people with higher wages and thus Raise $20 trillion in 2023 alone, the most ambitious figure in history.

Oil and mining companies will be the biggest contributors, while people
High net worth individuals will do the same. ultra-processed products,
Among the major changes, sugary drinks and single-use plastics were taxed.

Gustavo Petro and some members of his government cabinet in approval of the tax reform.

Left won the Presidency and Congress

The arrival of the first leftist president in the history of Colombia,
Gustavo Petro, another unprecedented political fact was inferred from: The historic treaty’s list victory in both the Chamber and the Senate in the March elections.

The government, led by Congress president Roy Barreras, managed to consolidate a majority, which allowed it to approve key initiatives such as tax reform without any problems and the extension of Law 418, the legal framework for ‘total peace’. Gave permission.

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Abortion free up to 24 weeks

A historic controversy over women’s rights, after a difficult legal and social discussion, led to the fact that The Constitutional Court will decriminalize abortion up to the 24th week of pregnancy, which was previously only possible for three reasons.

Also a milestone was the High Court’s decision to reduce physician-assisted suicide to the same circumstances in which euthanasia is possible, making Colombia the first country in Latin America to legalize it.

A solid social base came forward and worked hard to achieve decriminalization in Colombia.

Final Report and Role of JEP

The final report of the Truth Commission reminded the country of the horrors of the war, inquired into the causes of the conflict, its decline and persistence, the main violations of human rights, responsibilities and possible solutions.
Non-duplication guarantee.

On the other hand, Special Jurisdiction for the Peace issues its first resolution
conclusion so that former Fark chiefs can be sentenced
for hijacking, and also for 22 soldiers for ‘false positives’.

(Don’t Stop Reading: Controversy Over Petro’s Idiom to Maintain Coca Crops and Pursue Replacement).

Reopened the border in Cucuta

On 26 September, after 2,595 days of closure, the border between Colombia and Venezuela was reopened on the Simón Bolívar International Bridge. Since then, the pass has allowed the movement of citizens and cargo vehicles of both countries, with it estimated to close between $750 and $800 million in bilateral trade this year, rising to $1,800 in 2023. Will be million. Reopening of the route via the Tienditas bridge.

On 26 September, after 2,595 days of closure, the border between Colombia and Venezuela was reopened on the Simón Bolívar International Bridge.


Courtesy: Andres Carvajal

Deadliest cold wave of decade kills 205

According to data from the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGDR)
At least 205 people have died due to rain-related emergencies so far in 2022. This number of deaths represents an increase compared to 2020, when there were 96 deaths, and 2021, when the number of fatalities was 126.

except, The number of victims also approaches historical figures, since to date there have been more than 496,000 people, of whom 281 have received injuries. The worst winter tragedy of the year occurred on December 4, when a large landslide buried a passenger bus and several vehicles in the rural area of ​​Risaralda, Pueblo Rico. 34 people had lost their lives that morning.

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Extradition of ‘Othniel’

On May 4 and in record time, Dario Antonio Usuga, “Otoniel,” was extradited to the United States, the most wanted drug lord in the country for the last decade. He was captured last October after years of manhunt by the public force. The extradition was completed after disputes and judicial appeals filed by victims of the many crimes committed by ‘Otoniel’. In addition to drug trafficking, in the national territory.

Left: Otoniel Villafane and Wilson Parra.

And the concerts are back!

Great shows return this year. Big figures came out in the capital this week. Sounds like Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny, Rosalia, Rafael, Arjona, Ana Gabriel and Daddy Yankee came in. Festivals were also reactivated: El Estero Picnic, Cordillera, Altavoz and Rock al Parque. The Live Coliseum was also opened as another option for the big shows, but with logistical problems to improve.

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great year for women’s football

Women’s football shines in 2022. The high point was the national team’s performance at the U-17 World Cup, in which they reached the final: they lost 1–0 against Spain. The senior team qualified for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, finishing second in the Copa América. Linda Caicedo consolidated herself as a figurehead: she was in all the milestones of the year, she was the best player in the Cup and she was the Silver Ball and Bronze Boot in the Under-17s.

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