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EUROPE 1 AND YOU I leave them aside what do the French do with their old phones?

EUROPE 1 AND YOU “I leave them aside”: what do the French do with their old phones? What if we had treasures in our drawers? According to Ademe, there are up to 110 million idle phones in our homes. While most of the devices are unusable, some still work and could be worth your pennies in gold. But what do the French do with the smartphones, they have at home?

Like Gwladys and Amélie, there are many “just in case” ones: “I keep the last one in case the one I currently have fails,” Gwladys explains at the Europe 1 microphone. “I admit, I put them aside, telling myself ‘for if anything. And in the end, it stays there,” admits Amélie for her part.

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Phones that hold precious memories

But for Luc, this “just in case” came in handy: “I kept one in my drawers. Of course it’s broken, but my old one was stolen, so it’s going back in the next drawer.” once the new phone arrives, the young man highlights. “He saved my day,” he says.

Others, like Karima, prefer not to let their old phones go around, for fear of having left personal data on them. “I think I’m keeping it because I haven’t emptied the photos and stuff… And they’re at the bottom of my drawer,” she confesses.

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“It’s always useful to someone.”

However, some are adopting more eco-responsible measures, while the environmental impact of the production of high-tech products is increasingly questioned. “The phone, the computer… It’s direct recycling. Otherwise, when they are at the end of their life, I give them away,” explains Agatha.

“It’s always useful to someone,” adds Laurence into the Europe 1 microphone. But when the phone still has value, many have gotten into the habit of reselling it or having their operator return it to them to slightly reduce the cost. the new.

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