Sunday, October 1, 2023

Elon Musk plans to make X pay for all users

New getaway or true business ambition? According to “Variety” magazine, Elon Musk would have mentioned the idea of ​​modifying the economic model of X, Twitter’s new name, during a meeting on Artificial Intelligence with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this Monday. September 18. “We will move to a small monthly payment to use X”, he explained to the manager. According to him, this financial participation of the members of the social network would be the only way to prevent armies of bots from invading the platform.

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The Israeli president questioned the head of X about the moderation of his social network, hoping to reduce the anti-Semitic messages published there. Elon Musk responded that he could not prevent the publication of all hate messages on X, but assured that he was firmly opposed to it. “all attacks by any group of people, regardless of the group”.

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Various paid services in recent months.

The head of Space X has not yet mentioned an implementation date for this new economic model, nor the exact amount that each user should spend each month. The American billionaire estimates the number of X users at 550 million, who publish between 100 and 200 million content every day on the social network.

For several months now, the boss of Tesla, now the owner of the company, has allowed certain members to certify their account in exchange for a subscription called “Blue”. In order to benefit from the blue sticker next to their username, subscribers must pay 9.60 euros per month. This feature also gives them access to other tools such as “X Pro”, the new name of Tweetdeck, included in the offer reserved for subscribers from August 15.

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