Sunday, October 1, 2023

Elon Musk analyzes the possible implementation of a “small monthly payment” for using X, ex-Twitter

The owner of the social network publicly stated this Monday that the platform could become paid for all users, in order to fight against fake accounts.

“Goodbye Twitter.” Dozens of Internet users have considered stopping using the social network, renamed X by its owner, Elon Musk, after the latter mentioned this Monday a possible review of the platform’s economic model, our colleagues at Variety report. The billionaire believes that “the only way to fight a large army of bots” is to establish a “small monthly payment to use X.”

Elon Musk did not specify when he plans to implement this new economic model, nor the amount that each user would have to spend, but it could amount to “a few dollars, a small amount.”

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According to the billionaire, 550 million users use the social network every month.

“It’s a long debate, but perhaps it is the only protection against a huge army of robots,” insisted Elon Musk, considering that each account should be “validated” with a bank card.

Soon only certified accounts?

In X, the economic model has already evolved since the head of Tesla came to power, who bought the company for $44 billion. For several months now, “verified” accounts (Twitter Blue) have had to pay the equivalent of 9.60 euros per month to have access to various functions and see their posts highlighted by the algorithm.

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Additionally, by validating certain criteria, these certified users can receive remuneration based on the number of impressions of their tweets.

Elon Musk spoke as part of an exchange broadcast on X with Benjamin Netanyahu. “I hope they find the ability to put an end to anti-Semitism (in x.

Elon Musk responded that he could not prevent the publication of all hate messages on X, but said he was “against all attacks by any group of people, regardless of the group.”

“I am in favor of what advances civilization and ultimately allows us to become a space civilization, where we understand the nature of the universe. We cannot get there if there is a lot of infighting, hatred and negativity,” he detailed. .

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