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Eduardo Ferrero Costa explains that Mexico “misrepresented the facts” of political asylum for Pedro Castillo’s family

Eduardo Ferrero Costaformer minister External Relationsannounced that “the decision to declare persona non grata and to give 72 hours to the Mexican ambassador, edward monroy, leave the country. However, he stated that the Aztec nation misrepresented the fact of refuge.

“Diplomatic asylum is granted when a fact or act of a political nature is carried out in accordance with practice, principle and national and international law and is not granted when it has been declared a general offense and is granted only if When it’s a mission, diplomatic headquarters or residence, that’s the territorial principle. ConstitutionThe paracas conventionto recognize the right to asylum,” he remarked things are as they are,

Similarly, it pointed out that what was indicated in the Caracas Convention (1954) as asylum law (adopted in 2002) corresponded to the asylum state, in this case Mexico, the fact that it was a political or general crime. classifies as such. “Mexico has described it as a crime or a political fact, Peru has to accept, it is the national and international law for diplomatic asylum.”

However, he added that Mexico has “misclassified the fact” because “it has not really taken into account that asylum is granted when there is persecution” where there is an emergency or a person’s safety, life and health. Freedom is in danger. ,

“mrs [Lilia Paredes] i could leave the embassy to go through the city Since there is only a preliminary investigation into the alleged criminal organization, There are a number of barriers to national and tax legislation, but this is not a political persecution, Whoever decides whether it is political or not, the asylum is the state,” Ferrero Costa said.

on the departure of the ambassador of Mexico, pointed out that the declaration of ‘persona non grata’ is the right of the Peruvian state. “It means Mexico Withdraw your ambassador for a period of 72 hours”. In this line, ferrero coast rejected the approach of the Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorwhich he considered “interference in the internal affairs of Peru”.

“I think it is very wrong to grant asylum too quickly, but according to the Caracas Convention, once asylum is granted at the request of the receiving country, safe conduct must be provided immediately. Peru is fulfilling an international obligation, even if we don’t like it. It is a legal reality, but Mexico has not taken it into account,” declared the former minister. things are as they are,

In this context, he expressed concern over the interference of Mexico why Colombia Complications are expected in Peru’s internal situation and in diplomatic relations between the two countries. “Both are denying the legitimacy of the Vice President who is now the Constitutional President following the constitutional succession established by our Constitution,” he added.

Depersonalization of the Ambassador of Mexico

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ana Cecilia Gervasiannounced this Tuesday that Mexico’s ambassador to Peru has been declared persona non grata, Paul Monroe, and is given 72 hours to leave the country. He also reported that safe conduct had been granted to Lilia Paredes and her children, who had received asylum from Mexico.

“The Government has declared the Ambassador of Mexico to Peru, Pablo Monroe Conesa, persona non grata, because of repeated expressions by the highest authorities of that country regarding the political situation in Peru which constitute interference in our internal affairs and Both are therefore in breach of the principle of non-interference,” the chancellor reported in a brief message to the media.

Gervasi said that the government Mexico He has also been informed about the safe conduct of the President’s wife. pedro castillo And his children insisted that there had been no political persecution against him.

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