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Don’t forget the words (France 2): this symbolic gesture by Margaux after her victory against Laure

Margaux debuted last night, Monday, September 18, at the Masters of Don’t forget the lyrics. After her victory against Laure, the number 1 spoke out to silence the bad tongues.

Last night, Monday, September 18, Margaux returned to the Masters. The great number 1 who faced Laure won the match and qualified for the round of 16. Could Queen Margaux, as Nagui calls her, be on her way to protecting herself from fate? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: she was very happy with this victory. On Twitter, some regretted that the champion did not have more words towards her opponent. We could read: “Margaux’s attitude is not very calm, not a word, not a gesture towards Laure! I think the other teachers were kinder”. However, Margaux took advantage of his Twitter account to send a nice message and react to his still fresh victory.

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“Congratulations to Laure who didn’t deserve it”

“I haven’t been active for a while here but I read your little tweets, you’re so cute! Congratulations to Laure she didn’t do anything wrong, she was very stressed mom, I think it showed. See you in eighth grade.”, wrote the young woman. Since then they have not stopped receiving congratulatory messages and some even see it as a good start to reach the end of the competition. “It’s good that Margaux has broken the curse that makes her fall year after year in the Masters. At least she has stabilized,” analyzed a follower of Don’t forget the lyrics. Under the champion’s publication, other people wrote kind messages from her to congratulate and support her.

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Well done Margaux, the stress was visible, the voice thinner than usual but you still have so much talent and grace when you get to the end of the songs. Forty-two months of reign in the NOPLP ranking does not affect your humility”, “It is true that Laure was not unworthy but tonight you were the strongest, kiss Margaux and go as far as possible”, “Well done Margaux and well done Laure too, it was a very good matchup.. The Masters, you are very strong!!, we read in X, formerly Twitter. Then other Internet users added: “vYou really did very well, Margaux! Not only the comeback in the first round, the victory and the qualification in eighth place, but also an additional 21,000 euros! Truly a queen! either, Margaux, it will still be difficult to dethrone her. Well done for her.”. The Masters adventure continues this afternoon from 6:40 p.m. on France 2, in particular with the entry into the race of Caroline, also known as Miss Carrot.

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