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Dominique is surprised to discover that he must return 176,000 euros in taxes: “I have never cheated, I have never tried to hide anything”

At the age of a peaceful retirement, Dominique Lucas, 67, is living a nightmare. For about a year now, the Amiens tax center has been demanding €160,000 in retirement pensions paid unduly. As icing on the cake, on April 24, the tax services decided to apply the legal increase of 10%: you now owe… 176,000 euros to the tax authorities, writes Le Courrier Picard.

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“Obviously I can’t pay,” says someone who is still “in shock” about this first payment order received in August 2022. And since then he has had to live with the permanent fear of ending up on the street; or “in over-indebtedness due to a mistake that I did not make,” he explains to Courrier Picard.

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To understand Dominique’s situation we have to go back… to 1992. Dominique Lucas, married, mother of three children, canteen worker at the House of Education of the Legion of Honor, decides to retire taking advantage of an early retirement that will be repealed. in 2011. She is then 36 years old.

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At that time, his retirement pension was around 3,500 francs. She will work another 20 years to make ends meet, as a dining room employee, before retiring permanently in 2019.

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” Not know what to do “

But one fine day in June 2022, “I realized that they had not paid my pension. “Then I contacted the tax authorities, who explained to me that by becoming a permanent employee of the canteen, I should never have continued receiving my retirement pension.” In August 2022, the ax falls: taxes demand from this sexagenarian 160,000 euros in pensions received unduly for 20 years. Then, last April, the debt, which had not been paid, increased to… 176,000 euros.

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“I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t sleep anymore. I went to seek help at the House of Justice, they do not understand how for 20 years the taxes could not notice anything,” he tells Courrier Picard. Because Dominique Lucas “has never cheated, he has never tried to hide anything.” His retirement pensions, declared junk each year, were in turn taxed by the tax authorities.

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