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Domestic scenes: after Marion Game, another star of the series has just died at the age of 78

© Scènes deménage: after Marion Game, another star of the series has just died at the age of 78

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This is a new loss for the Household Scenes series. Although Marion Game died a few months ago, another star just passed away at the age of 78. Very bad news for fans of this actress.

A Domestic Scenes star dies

This Wednesday, September 27, fans of the series Home Scenes learned terrible news. After Marion Game, it is Catherine Lachens who died. At 78 years old, it was his family who spoke out on the issue.

In an AFP statement, Catherine Lachens’ relatives indicated that she had lost her life after a long illness. she also had starred in well-known films who are still talked about.

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Namely: Gazon Maudit, Flic ou voyage but I’m also shy. But lately she has become increasingly rare, much to the dismay of her fans. The latter, however, were able to find it in the series Scènes deménage.

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His loved ones also revealed that he had been fighting “several months in a Parisian hospital” against a terrible cancer. Despite his struggle, he is ultimately the crab that took her. Many people wanted to pay tribute to him.

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Pierre Richard wrote a note to the Scènes deménage actress. He trusted social network X: “Catherine Lachens was very lively, full of life and laughter, not made for sadness. And now she makes us sad…”.

The causes of Marion Game’s death revealed

The death of Catherine Lachens is reminiscent of that of Marion Game. Let us remember that the latter died a few months ago. In an interview with Jordan de Luxe, Alexandre Pesle revealed that she He was affected by Alzheimer’s.

He revealed about the Scenes of Household actress: “Everything was going well. I had some small memory problems but I was fine. This job makes you live intensely and that is the great difficulty”.

Before specifying: “When you stop, I think you feel a little ‘useless’, you’re in a different rhythm. I have the memory of someone extremely happy« .

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Alexandre Pesle continued about the Scènes déménage actress: “Underneath his smiling exterior, he was spicy and relevant. 8 years ago she clearly didn’t have all of her health problems.”.

And also indicate: “That is what took her away, Alzheimer’sif I’m not mistaken “. One thing is certain, the loss of him was very difficult to deal with for all the Scènes déménage actors who appreciated him very much.

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