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Do you want to live beyond 90? Here is the mistake not to make

Do you want to live beyond 90? Here is the mistake not to make Do you want to live to be over 90 years old and, why not, celebrate your centenary? To put all the odds on your side, scientists have some advice for you: stop yo-yoing on the scale.

Women who live to be 90 or even 100 years old experience what is called “exceptional longevity.” A study from the University of San Diego (United States) discovered a factor common to all these women: maintaining a stable body weight over the decades.

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For this study, scientists looked at health data from more than 54,000 women who participated in the Women’s Health Initiative, a long-term study that began in the 1990s. Researchers looked at their weight at the start of the program, during the third year and tenth year of the program, and in February 2022 he became interested in his state of health.

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Twice as likely to be a centenarian

Ils ont ainsi confirmed that the women do not the poids était resté stable au fil des cennies avaient de 1,2 a 2 fois plus de chances de survivre au moins jusqu’à 90 ans (et même au-delà) que les femmes qui avaient perdu Of weight.

Women who lost 5% or more of their body weight during the first 3 years of follow-up were 33% less likely to live to age 90, 35% less likely to live to age 95, and 38% less likely to live to age 95. less likely to live to age 95. 95. less likely to live to be 100 years old.

Scientists intend to continue their research to understand the health effects of weight loss in old age. But in the meantime, they emphasize that “recommendations for weight loss in older women are unlikely to lead to better survival in old age.”

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6 other tips to live a century

Les chercheurs de l’Université d’Edinburgh (en Écosse) ont étudié les conclusions de 25 études menées en Australie, en Europe et en Amérique du Nord sur plus de 606 000 volontaires, ils ont réussi à isoler certains behaviores bénéfiques pour l’espérance of life.

  • Do 30 minutes of sports activity a day. A few ten-minute walks are enough if you are not a great athlete.
  • Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. Lack of sleep in an adult or a child increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, and various pathologies.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet consisting of five fruits or vegetables a day is essential to staying healthy.
  • No Smoking. Unsurprisingly, to live a long and healthy life, it is necessary to avoid cigarettes absolutely: smoking a pack a day (i.e. about 20 cigarettes) would reduce life expectancy by an average of 7 years. However, it is good news for smokers: saying “goodbye” to tobacco would allow us to progressively recover the lost years…
  • Control your weight and avoid excesses. Chronic diseases (diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular disorders, excess weight, etc.) would drastically reduce life expectancy. Furthermore, each BMI point above normal (above 25, therefore) would reduce life expectancy by approximately 7 months. On the other side of the scale, a weight loss of one kilo would be enough to gain 2 months of life and, of course, this is cumulative.
  • Have completed postgraduate studies. Education would also play a role: in fact, according to Scottish researchers, each year of higher education (after high school) would increase life expectancy by 11 months.
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Fountain: Association of weight changes in old age with survival to age 90, 95, and 100 years: The Women’s Health Initiative, the Journal of Geontology, September 2023

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