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Do you have laptop or PC? You can say goodbye to multithreading technology for this simple reason

One particular technology, which is part of any laptop, sooner or later will say goodbye: this is multithreading. (multithreading), Key in central processing units (CPUs).

as a friend of hard zone, Future processors will operate without multithreading, which is called hyperthreading by Intel and SMT by AMD.

multi thread This is a technology that increases the performance of processor cores without the need to change the frequency. Thanks to this, the processor can perform several tasks at once.

Technically, each thread is a thread associated with a separate process, each constituting a separate program in order to reduce the waiting time between each process.

“processes are usually processed sequentially, ie one process after the other”, The digital guide indicates the Ionos. “This is not optimal, because tedious tasks like this block the hardware. If another process is spontaneously needed, it has to wait its turn in the queue.

“With multithreading, multiple threads process simultaneously. However, this statement is only partially true: true homogeneity can only be guaranteed on rare occasions, although it can be achieved in some cases.

The problem that arises and the solution that will replace multithreading

the big problem is The use of multithreading leads to a significant increase in the energy consumption of the processor.

As chips become more complex, the multithreading parts are replaced with full but simple core, hard zone notes.

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What will happen in the future? multithreading will be replaced by simpler kernels, To perform the same tasks but in less space and without affecting the power efficiency of the processor.

A system with larger and smaller cores would allow for increased performance. Thanks to this, any process can be carried out in a free core with very high speed and without much energy expenditure.

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