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Dina Boluarte demands that Congress approve early elections: “Don’t look for excuses, it’s in your hands”

President of the Republic, in the boulevardAddressed a message to the nation this morning, Saturday, regarding the violent incidents that have taken place in the recent past and what happened in the country. Congress convention, yesterday, which did not approve a constitutional reform to advance general elections and curtail the mandates of the executive and legislature.

“We presented the project to push the elections and it Congress, it is congress that has to define early elections with their vote (…) Obviously, they want lock The prospect (…) of 83% of the Peruvian population wants early elections,” he said.

In this sense, he demanded that the national representation “rethink” with regard to tomorrow’s vote early election.

“I demand that early voting be reconsidered. Don’t come up with lame excuses pretending to stay till 2026. Not all, but a group. Avoidance is a disguise. Tell people who wants to leave And who wants to stay (…) without political vendetta, without personal interests, don’t be blind and follow what the population is demanding from you,” he remarked.

He also urged MPs to vote rescue With regard to the said reform to “define itself” before the population.

“Don’t find excuses, don’t run away from voting, vote directly for the country. Don’t hide behind anyone.” rescue (…) it’s in your hands early election. The executive has already complied by introducing the bill,” he remarked.

In addition, the head of state acknowledged that “certain sectors” of parliament, “for political vendetta”, are “putting up obstacles” to the approval. before the election and they demand their Resignation In-charge. In this regard, he insisted that he would not resign from the presidency until “the Congress defies early elections”.

“For political vendetta they are saying this Lowly I quit. And what is the alternative solution, I ask these Congressmen. Peru doesn’t have time for political vendettas, Peru has problems to solve (…) If I resign, will the problem be solved?

“We cannot continue in this polarization of right or left. Does hunger or poverty have a political color? I repeat: the ball in the early elections is in the people’s court.” Congress, Don’t look for excuses, don’t look for political vendetta. We’re all going and we’re not looking for excuses.”

Asks regions to “open the conversation”

The President, on the other hand, clarified that she was in office by “constitutional succession” because she was part of the “presidential formula” that led to pedro castillo, In this sense, he specifically addressed the population of AndahuaylasIn the Apurímac region, the homeland of the president.

“I’m from that presidential formula, we campaigned together, we walked together (…) I’m not separate from that 2021 election. I don’t understand that violence in the streets. I supported former President Pedro Castillo as much as possible To protect (… .) I am here to fulfill the constitutional mandate and I look forward to working shoulder to shoulder with you.

Furthermore, he indicated that, since he assumed the presidency, “he hasn’t given them time to talk.” For this reason, he asked the population to “open the conversation” and as an example of this nature, Next Monday, December 19, he will travel to the Ica region.

“On Monday we will be in Barrio Chino (ICA), taking the title that they demand right. With the ministers we are going from area to area to solve each problem, each need; Airports are not taking over (…) Peru is a society of peace,” he said.

“We don’t want to be a government of principles, words. We want to be a government of tangible things and the beneficiaries of this are the men and women of the country,” he said.

Similarly, he addressed “contradictory groups” that have caused acts of vandalism in recent days and called on them to set aside “polarisations”.

“To these conflicting groups, who are not all Peruvian, I ask: what is the purpose of closing the airports, burning the police stations, burning the headquarters of the judiciary, the prosecutor? What is the purpose? These are not peaceful The marches are not social demands,” he said.

Along these lines, he remarked that the intervention of FF.AA. and intervention of Peruvian National Police (PNP) This has been within the constitutional framework to “give peace of mind” to the population.

“If FF.AA. They have taken to the streets to save themselves from violent groups. These groups did not emerge overnight, they organized seizure of airports, blockade of roads,” he explained.

In conclusion, the president called on the population to calm down and indicated that “bridges” were already being built to maintain dialogue with the social leaders of the provinces.

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