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Diego Forlan “None” Mexico and CONCACAF

The first critical voices have already begun to be heard regarding the plan of concacaf And this conmebol to join the organization America’s Cup 2024being diego forlan who openly criticized it, saying that in South America they are not needed as in the northern countries Mexico,

The problem North American teams face at the 2026 World Cup is that they will not be able to play the high-level qualifying rounds when three of these countries host the tournament, so their solution lies with other confederations. have to combine. ,

In this sense, there has been talk of a possible union between North America why South America To be able to be invited to the Copa America in 2024 and thus ensure that the elections do not lose their competitive momentum in relation to other competitions.

during qatar world cup 2022In 2007, CONCACAF fared the worst of all continental football organizations, as three of its teams made it past the group stage, while the rest were eliminated in the round of 16; In true news We tell you everything about this topic.

Diego Forlan criticizes union with CONCACAF

Forlan shares his thoughts on this union

During a TUDN program, Diego Forlán, the historical striker of Uruguay, was interviewed, he spoke openly about Alejandro Domínguez, the president of the confederation in the south of the continent, which was not entirely true as he believed It is believed that Concacaf requires more Conmebol than vice versa.

Forlan said, “South America doesn’t need CONCACAF, it’s the other way around, CONCACAF for South America. We’re lucky to be competitive.”

This gave the possibility that the two could join and end up hosting the tournament in the United States, as they did in the centennial edition of the tournament.

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America’s Cup 2024

they want it to be played in america

Everything indicates that CONMEBOL is close to reaching an agreement with CONCACAF to benefit from a mutual agreement that the 2024 Copa America will be held in the United States, increasing the income of all those involved by several million.

This union is one that has been criticized by players such as Diego Forlan, due to Alejandro Domínguez’s words about the fact that both unions need each other in order to progress, although many disagree.

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