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Despite the controversies, Millie Bobby Brown wants to adapt her first novel to film

As if that were not enough, she also established herself as a model for important luxury brands before launching her own vegan makeup brand. In her free time, she still floods social media (63.5 million subscribers on Instagram, anyway…) and acts as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

Don’t throw any more, the glass is full. Well, no. She has just added a new thread to her bow with the publication of her first novel, Nineteen Steps, inspired by her grandmother’s story during the Bethnal Green tube station disaster that left 173 people dead in 1943. A book which ignites a lot of controversy on social networks and in the media. The reason ? It was written in collaboration with a ghostwriter, Kathleen McGurl, whose name does not appear on the cover.

The cover of Nineteen Steps, Millie Bobby Brown’s first novel.

The young star, however, did not hide his teamwork. On Instagram she appeared with Kathleen McGurl presenting the book, with this caption: “I couldn’t have done it without you.” Which doesn’t stop the criticism from continuing to come. Many Internet users believe that the two names should have appeared, at least, on the front page. Others, more virulent, see this “shameful” practice as an exploitation of other people’s talent for the benefit of celebrities for purely commercial reasons.

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These criticisms have grown so much that the “ghostwriter” wanted to speak out through a post on her blog: “I received a lot of research already done by Millie and her family, as well as many ideas and we organized several debates over Zoom. Then I got to work and wrote the first draft, while Millie continued sending me ideas on WhatsApp. The book has gone through several versions since then, as we refined the story. (…) I am delighted to have participated in this project and I hope that both my readers and Millie’s fans enjoy the book.”

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Objective: adapt your novel to film

All this hype surrounding Nineteen Steps doesn’t seem to move the 19-year-old star. Who even adds a layer by announcing his intention to adapt it to film. “Yes, definitely, that was my intention,” he explains in an interview with Lorraine Kelly. Naturally, I want to create more, so yes, it’s a great base. My grandmother used to tell me bedtime stories and for a while, until I was eight, I didn’t think they were real. Then, little by little, I understood that all these things had happened to him when he was a child, during World War II.”

“Make people move with my actions”

Therefore, it is quite natural that the plot was set in the London district of Bethnal Green. “My grandmother lived here and where I often spent my summers,” he adds. It was extraordinary to go back and bring up all these memories, but it was especially important for her and her family to set the action there. I am very attracted to things that have personal meaning and a more female-centered role. “I am very, very determined to move people with my actions.”

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The next big thing he’ll do is put the ring on the finger of Jake Bongiovi, Jon Bon Jovi’s son, whom he met two years ago. But it’s not about blackmailing his future father-in-law at the wedding: “I think he needs a break, he never stops! She is always taking tennis or singing lessons. In my opinion, he needs a break, maybe a three hour break!

His hyperactivity clearly does not prevent him from maintaining a sense of humor.

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