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Dayna James Gives A Fiery Response To Her Critics: “I Feel Divine”

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dayana james She has won a place in the hearts of internet users, not only because of her story with the late Vallenato singer, but also because of her transparency your self-improvement process,

James has shown special taste for sports and disclosed that he had undergone an operation some time ago bariatric surgery for weight loss.

The communicator is active on her Instagram account where she shares her usually rigorous exercise routine with maintains her slim figure and a healthy life.

physical change

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However, James explains through his stories the comments he usually receives about his physical changes and Took the opportunity to advise Internet users On the effect of negative comments on the network.

“I was passing by here because today I want to give advice to many of my followers and that is don’t comment on someone’s body, There are several comments that they always make to me and it is: oh how her face has changed, oh how she has changed”, said the journalist.

So, he decided to make it clear that he is comfortable with his physical transformation: “Obviously I’m going to change, I lost 33 kilos, you don’t expect my face to remain the sameNever in life Told.

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James mentioned messages he had received asking him to gain weight, disguised as a “suggestion”. So he explained that he has no interest in doing so.

“No mate, I feel great. As I am, I feel happy, divine in my best moments», Added. The singer’s widow revealed that some of her fans write her these messages on the pretext that they admire her.

Taking a serious look at the camera, he thanked his followers for their love, but stuck to his position.

“Thanks for complimenting me, but don’t send me up, upload them for me, Unfortunately, there are many people in this medium who lack empathy, so they believe that, because one is supposedly a public figure, one has to put up with it.indicated.

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