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date, candidates, eliminated, summaries, presenter, Mercotte’s secret kitchen… Everything you need to know about season 12

date, candidates, eliminated, summaries, presenter, Marcotte’s secret kitchen… Everything you need to know about season 12 “3, 2, 1… Bread!” You will hear this phrase very soon in M6. And for good reason, season 12 of Best Pastry Chef will air very soon. The program, co-produced by BBC Studios France and Kitchen Factory Production, and presented by Marie Portolano together with Cyril Lignac and Marcotte, will welcome 16 new amateur pastry chefs under the tent. Télé-Loisirs reveals everything you need to know about this new program.

Presenter of Best Pastry Chef 2023: Julia Vignali, Marie Portolano… Who will present the show on the M6?

In 2021, Julia Vignali stopped hosting the famous competition to present Télématin alongside Thomas Sotto. At that time, M6 turned to Marie Portolano, a journalist specializing in football and a presenter for Canal+. This year, actor Grégoire Ludig’s partner will be at the helm of his third season as Best Pastry Chef. It will also be the last since he decided to leave the group M6. The 37-year-old presenter will replace (again) Julia Vignali on the France 2 morning show starting August 30. She will therefore be on both channels at the same time: Monday to Thursday on Deux and every Wednesday evening, starting September 6, on Six. At the moment, we do not know who will take the reins of the show for its next edition.

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The Best Pastry Chef 2023 air date: when does the show start on M6? What day does the new season air?

Attention baking fans! Season 12 of Best Pastry Chef will launch on Wednesday, September 6, starting at 9:10 p.m. The Secret Kitchen will also return this season in the second part of the evening but with a different name: the program is now called Mercotte’s Secret Kitchen. Marcotte and France’s Best Worker Christophe Renou will offer eliminated pastry chefs a second chance to return to the competition, challenging them to complete legendary competition events.

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LMP 2023: where is the program filmed? Where is The Best Pastry Chef?

The show was filmed at the Château de Neuville, located in the commune of Gambais in Yvelines.

The Best Pastry Chef 2023: who are the candidates for season 12?

16 amateur pastry chefs embark on the adventure. Among them, are colorful personalities, such as Ahmet, a community manager passionate about pastry; the young Ninon, just 17 years old and winner of the program On the Road to the Best Pastry Chef. Richard, a young landscaper from the Basque coast; Hafidou, a lonely father who aims to put his home country, Benin, in the spotlight in his desserts; Fanny, school teacher but also former regional Miss; Julia, lawyer, and mother but above all unbeatable in cake design; Emily, a Belgian who fell in love with baking two years ago; Clémence, another Belgian in the competition, who suffers from achondroplasia; Christelle, early childhood facilitator; Monique, 68-year-old retiree and grandmother of 5 grandchildren; Bertrand, a single father, and IT director; David, site administrator and father of three; Chantal, marketing director, and martial arts enthusiast; Thibaut, a formidable competitor with 15 years of competitive judo behind him; Kheredine says “Khero”, a real father hen; and finally Lilou, young mother and business director. She discovers the faces of the participants in our slideshow.

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Best pastry chef 2023: Cyril Lignac challenge, Mercotte test… what’s new for season 12?

This season, the challenges that await the candidates will not change much. The 16 amateur pastry chefs will have to face the many challenges that Cyril Lignac or Marcotte will throw at them, who will once again be in charge of the technical tests. During the Cyril Lignac challenge, competitors will have to revisit the most popular desserts among the French, such as macarons, chocolate coulant, and lemon tart. What’s new: the candidates will finally leave the castle and head to the kitchens of Disneyland Paris. A novelty in the history of the show.

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Best Pastry Chef 2023: who was eliminated from the M6 ​​contest after the first episode on Wednesday, September 6?

At the end of the first episode of LMP 2023 dedicated to the theme of the fair, four candidates had to participate in a creative test to keep their place in the competition: marketing director Chantal, commercial director Lilou, Richard the landscaper and Ninon, the youngest in the show. Invited to take the two jury members back to their childhood, the candidates opted for a Japanese pool table, a shooting gallery, a merry-go-round token, and a Ferris wheel to touch the hearts of Cyril Lignac and Merccotte. Lilou’s shooting range and Richard’s record did not convince… But that’s without taking into account the generosity of Mercotte who gave them a second chance!

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Therefore, the two candidates faced each other in a duel in Mercotte’s secret kitchen. Today’s mission? Create your version of the financier. Richard opted for six cupcakes, while Lilou brought exotic flavors to her dessert. “A success” for the young woman praised by Mercotte and chef Christophe Renou. But Richard was not far behind with the creation of her “perfectly cooked”… In the end, the two professionals had to decide and they chose the young man for his precision.

Best Pastry Chef 2023: who was definitively eliminated from the M6 ​​competition at the end of the second episode on Wednesday, September 20?

At the end of an episode dedicated to animal-shaped cakes, Julia won the first blue apron of the season while Christelle was eliminated. Therefore, the candidate found herself in a fight with Richard in Mercotte’s Secret Kitchen. After a test to decide between them, it was finally Christelle who definitively won the award for best pastry chef on Wednesday, September 20.

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Best Pastry Chef 2023: who was definitively eliminated from the M6 ​​competition at the end of the third episode on Wednesday, September 27?

At the end of an episode dedicated to the Mediterranean, it was Monique who had to give up her apron! But fortunately, this season Marcotte will offer a second chance to one of those eliminated in her Secret Kitchen, like Top Chef’s The Hidden Brigade. On reprieve since the beginning of the season, Richard faced off against Monique… but lost to the pastry chef who will try, in the coming weeks, to rejoin the cast.

Who won Best Pastry Chef season 11 on M6 in 2022?

After thirteen weeks of competition, Benjamin, Manon, and Nils were the three finalists of the 2022 edition. At the end of the final episode, it was finally the 20-year-old student who won the show. A victory that rewarded the excellent work of the woman from Montpellier throughout her journey, as she even obtained five blue aprons during the competition. Maud, the winner of season 10, presented him with the trophy in person.

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The Best Pastry Chef: what were the audiences for season 11?

The previous edition of the contest, broadcast in the same period in 2022, attracted 2.15 million viewers on average and in the audience. This represented 11.9% of the public and 25.4% of the desired target of Women Responsible for Purchasing under 50 years of age (FRDA-50). Since the show’s launch in 2012, season 11 recorded the lowest viewership in the show’s history.

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