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Costco opened its doors 40 years ago, here’s what membership cost back then

As Costco celebrated its 40th anniversary a few days ago, here we show you how much a subscription cost at the famous American company when the first store opened its doors.

The We Love Costco Instagram account, followed by more than 68,000 people, shared a photo of a sign advertising the price of different subscriptions at Costco in 1983.

From the first glance, you realize that the prices are much lower than today.

In fact, depending on the type of subscription, a card was billed between $25 and $30.

For the wholesale subscription, the primary cardholder had to pay $25. You had to pay $10 to add 2 additional cards. Then you had to pay $25 for any additional cards.

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For Group Gold membership, the eligible member had to pay a fee of $30. For her partner he had to pay an additional 15 dollars.

Photo credit: Instagram screenshot.

“The subscription cost $30. The good old days,” wrote one user. A comment that sums up well the feeling we had when seeing these prices…!

Costco Opened Its Doors 40 Years Ago, Here'S What Membership Cost Back Then
Photo credit: Instagram screenshot.

If we compare these prices with today’s, it really has nothing to do with it! In fact, depending on the type of subscription, you have to pay between $60 and $120, according to the information visible on Costco’s website.

Costco Opened Its Doors 40 Years Ago, Here'S What Membership Cost Back Then
Photo credit: Screenshot from Costco website

Remember that Costco was founded by Jim Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman. The first warehouse opened in the city of Seattle on September 15, 1983.

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“In 2023, the group will have 587 stores in different countries. It generates close to 90% of its turnover in the United States, Canada and Mexico. In the United States, it is the third largest retail group, behind Amazon and Walmart. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange”, we can read on Costco’s Wikipedia.

You can learn more about Costco’s history by clicking here.

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