Monday, June 5, 2023

Controversy over visits by the First Lady, Veronica Alcoasar, with the Air Force

Information produced and published by empty chair Shows that possibly the First Lady of the Republic, Verónica Alcácer, has used Air Force planes for her trips, which are at the disposal of the President and the Vice President.

The purpose of these visits has been to visit different regions of the country. Vice President Francia Marquez, on the other hand, has traveled on commercial Avianca flights for government-related issues, without the protocol of the military forces.

research claims Seven visits to Alcazar have been accompanied by Air Force flights. between them, A flight to Medellin during the Flower Fair looks different, with the first lady leaving to attend to personal matters. This was confirmed by Manuel Enrique Zafra, military chief of the Military House empty chair That she’s been on flights, making sure it’s allowed.

“The protocols and standards of civil aeronautics in terms of security for the control of weapons inside the aircraft cabin prohibit the entry of weapons, and the presidential family must be permanently accompanied by security and safety officers with their endowment elements, which would expose the population and/or to potential risks to passenger users”, indicates the investigation.

Vice versa arises in vice Francia Marquez has flown on commercial flights to attend to her dutiesWithout the army’s contingency plan. they met for the first time empty chair It was on 7 October, when he traveled to Cali at 7:35 am. There, there was evidence that he was holding a regional talk in Gwachene, Kaka. So far, First Lady Alcoasar and Vice President Marquez have not publicly mentioned the condition.

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