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citizen support in the face of medication shortages

Published on 09/19/2023 20:40

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Citizen Support In The Face Of Medication Shortages

Article written by France 2 – C. Sinz, J. Weyl, S. Gravelaine, N. Lachaud

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Drug shortages are increasing in pharmacies. To achieve this despite everything, patients opt for system D.

Hundreds of untraceable medications, out of stock. This is the day to day life of all pharmacies. These shortages disrupt the lives of patients, especially those with serious illnesses. In a village in Beaujolais, the pharmacy no longer has the medicine that allows Guillaume Clair to live normally. He suffers from Ménière’s disease and his life is unbearable without the pills: vomiting “during hours”tinnitus “very sharp” or even dizziness.

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The sick manage

For this reason he launched an appeal for help on the Internet to “ask people if their pharmacies don’t have pills that they don’t use, even if the expiration date is coming to an end”he said. “I think there may be a risk. But we assume it, the risk”, acknowledges Guillaume Clair. Internet users sent him two and a half boxes for free. Patrick Baudru suffers from epilepsy. To cope with the shortage, he built up a stock. He also keeps boxes that he no longer uses: if necessary, he will give them to other patients.

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