Monday, June 5, 2023

Chiefs RB Nile Davis missing 108-yard kick return touchdown vs. Texans

The Kansas City Chiefs are getting ready to face the Houston Texans on the road in Week 15. Before we delve into that game, we’re taking a moment to remember a classic play from this particular matchup. It is a remarkable play because it not only set a franchise record that stood for nearly 50 years, but it also started the scoring in what would be the first playoff win for Kansas City after a 22-year drought.

So let’s take you back to that glorious day and set the scene.

The Chiefs made the playoffs for just the second time during the Andy Reid era and traveled to Houston to face the Texans in the AFC Wild Card round. It was the first home playoff game for the Texans since the 2012 NFL season, so the atmosphere was loud and raucous. Nile Davis lined up to take the opening kickoff and caught it eight yards deep into the end zone. Usually, this isn’t a situation where you kick out, but you know Dave Taub encourages his players to take opportunities for comebacks.

The game looked like it would be a loss of five yards to open up too early. Kansas City was probably lucky not to be fined on any illegal blocks or plays. Davis would speed through traffic around the 15-yard line and before you knew it he was celebrating in the opposite end zone.

The play went for 108 yards, which is tied for the second longest kick return in NFL history. This crushed the franchise record for a 106-yard kick return touchdown, set by Noland Smith in 1967. The best part of the play, though, was that it took the wind out of the anti-crowd almost immediately and gave life to a chief. The team that badly needed the playoffs.

This prompted the defense to put Texans QB Brian Hoyer through hell for four quarters. He was sacked three times, threw four interceptions, fumbled twice and fumbled once. Travis Kelce posted his best game in his NFL career that day with eight receptions for 128 yards. When the dust settled after the game, Kansas City defeated Houston 30–0 to record its first playoff win in two decades. It gave fans hope that the franchise was heading in the right direction – and that certainly was the case.

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