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Checking your tax notice is important, tax authorities can make mistakes, here are the points to check

It’s imperative check your tax notice upon receipt. In fact, this helps avoid omissions, because even the French tax administration can make mistakes. Focus on the points to check!

The DGFIP notice

The General Directorate of Public Finances (or DGFIP) sends you a notice each year detailing your tax notice. Check it to make sure everything is in order. This notice, which can be read in the tax notice, is also available at Simply click on the link at the top of the document.

The two numbers on the tax notice.

Upon receiving your tax notice, Check the two numbers shown at the top left of the first page.. This is your tax number and notice reference. The first number allows you to identify yourself in Bercy, while the second is like a long series of numbers. Without this data, it is impossible to access the Bercy online service. You especially need it if you are a landlord-owner.

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The amount of tax that remains to be paid

As a taxpayer, it is absolutely necessary to know how much tax is left to pay. Sometimes it happens that the amount indicated is higher than the amounts already deducted at source the previous year. The debits distributed between September and December allow the money to be recovered. Instead, The amount that the tax authorities must reimburse the tax household will be notified by the Public Treasury. Refunds were already made on July 20 and August 6.

The reference tax income (RFR)

Above all, do not neglect the reference income tax (RFR). It should normally appear on the first page of the tax notice.. Bercy takes all household income into account in the calculation. Let’s not forget that this RFR is still one of the eligibility criteria used to access a system (HLM, housing tax reform, social assistance, etc.).

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The number of tax shares allocated to the household.

After consulting the reference income tax, carefully check the number of tax installments assigned to your household. This is clearly marked just below the RFR. Carefully check the veracity of the information. If you are single and have no children, you only have part of the tax. A couple married or in a civil union without children will be assigned two tax installments.

Tax reductions and exemptions

You can benefit from tax reductions granted by the tax authorities under certain conditions. They are automatically deducted from the amount of income tax payable. You can, for example, make a donation to the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris.

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So The tax authorities grant you a 75% tax reduction depending on the amount of your donation. Check this carefully because the tax administration can make some unexpected mistakes. The same goes for housing tax exemptions.

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