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Carmen Kelly, the 82-year-old nanny who went viral and received $100,000 to buy drugs

The reality of many older adults around the world is to work despite their advanced age when they should be at home enjoying the fruits of decades of effort, but, sometimes, social networks bring out the best in humans, as community of what happened to them TIC Toc Joe came together to help an 82-year-old grandmother who worked at a supermarket raise more than $100,000 so she can pay for her medications.

working to pay for their medicine

our hero is called Carmen Kelly (@rustywarrenknockersupgal)a jolly eighty-year-old man who works in Walmart in Apache Junction Arizona, AmericaAn establishment in which she has been with her cane next to a shopping cart for more than two years, receiving all the love from strangers who adore her.

“Clients hug me and make me feel so special to them”dice Kelly One K.P.O,

watch viral video here

and that the above supermarket chain does not discriminate and has a strong policy to include older adults or “Disabled Allies”, But, getting people’s love is not what motivates this gentle nanny to work, need to pay huge medical bills that, in other situations, it could not solve in any way.

moved in with carmen

This need was revealed in TIC Toc for liz rizzoIs known ‘rusty warren‘ Joe, upon hearing the life testimony of Kelly As per his needs, he decided to work to change something in the old lady’s life.

“She was leaning against a shopping cart with her cane inside the car. It broke my heart to see this old lady working.”was the message he left Rizzo In this GoFundMe open to help Kelly after their first meeting walmartwhose initial purpose was only to raise 10 thousand dollarsBut the end result will leave you more than impressed.

this happens when 19 December, Rizzo Reviews the progress of donations and finds to the great surprise that they have accumulated more than 127 thousand dollarsso he announced to the community that he would surprise Kelly Then to give him the money on behalf of all the people who supported him anonymously.

“You’re Changing My Life”

Therefore, when tiktoker He met his grandmother, who could not believe what she was experiencing and, clearly moved, said: “You’re Changing My Life”Then to thank the thousands of anonymous faces who parted their money to give it to them.

Many customers found it Kelly Received this generous help from social networks and they could not hold back the emotion, the tears of others: “i started crying,i’m so excited for that, “I live near walmart From Apache Junction why carmen he has congratulated me many times,She is always very happy and she absolutely deserves it,

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