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Bolivian Customs undertakes equipment and technology projects to strengthen foreign trade – PortalPortuario

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Bolivian National Customs (AN) Announced the execution of projects and works to strengthen the fight against foreign trade operations, control, smuggling and infrastructure.

NA Executive President, Karina Cerrudopointed out that among the targets set by Ministry of Economy Imports are expected to collect over USD 2,539 million.

“To date, there has been a 20% increase in customs collections, a figure compared to the same period in 2022, so we are strengthening our technical control mechanisms, as well as streamlining processes and improving the customs system. are revising their rules to modernize”, explained Cerudo,

Preliminary Public Accountability Hearing – Precedents in the framework of Management 2023, which was developed in the environment of the Santa Cruz Regional Customs Management, in the presence of Bolivian and local authorities and representatives of different social sectors.

foreign trade single window

Customs unit will work on the implementation of a new technical system Foreign Trade Single Window (VUCE)Pre-diagnosis of the National Committee for Trade Facilitation which will establish the structure of the project, estimated cost, financing, among others.

The main feature of the window will be that, regardless of the type of goods, the person will be able to get digital certification quickly and simple procedures.

dispatch time study

As a matter of fact, the customs unit will conduct a study to determine the time taken in dispatch of goods, taking into account factors ranging from the arrival of the product to the physical release of the cargo.

For this purpose, actors and bottlenecks encountered will be identified, customs border, airports, internal, free zones and standardization of operational flows by foreign agencies will also be taken into account.

Currently, the import clearance time of a capacity (trade version) in Canal Rojo is established as a rule in 48 hours and a capacity in Canal Amarillo in 24 hours time.

QR code

In 2022 administration, 80% customs duty collection was done through electronic means of Banco Union, in this framework it seeks to simplify the process of collection and payment by QR code, achieving coverage in urban areas and borders during 24 hours. day and in the bank of your choice.

luggage lab

The initiative seeks to provide technical advice on the analysis and identification of goods to determine the tariff classification of each item. Customs will expand this infrastructure with nine locations in the areas of textiles, organic and inorganic analysis, hydrocarbons, reagents, sample reception rooms, emergency rooms, gas filters and fire fighting systems.

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, Atomic Emission by Spark Arc, Visible UV, FT-IR-Raman Spectrophotometer, Flash Point Flash Point Determinant, X Ray Diffraction Instrument and Viscometer apart from acquisition of state-of-the-art instruments.

Equipment and technology to suppress contraband material

In 2022, 14,726 control operations were carried out throughout Bolivian territory, managing to seize goods worth more than US$106 million, a figure expected to exceed this administration’s figure as of December.

For this, Customs will acquire more drones and satellite phones that will be used both in the open field and in cities. In parallel, safety and physical protection equipment (safety gas, tactical helmets, shields and vests) will be distributed to the technicians Customs Immediate Response Group (GRIA),

New Monitoring and Monitoring Center

To visualize the custody of goods in warehouses, the Customs will set up a monitoring and surveillance center with a recording file capacity of 90 days. Similarly, surveillance cameras will be linked to the video surveillance system along with other technical equipment, making a budget of USD 842,000.

Each of these future actions is part of the daily fight against smuggling and the facilitation of foreign trade operations.

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