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Bigflo and Oli’s freestyle on “20:30 on Sunday” divides

Photo credits: France 2

The two “inseparable” ones, Bigflo and Oli, left their mark last night on “20:30 on Sunday” on France 2. Together with the director Guillaume Canet and the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, the rappers from Toulouse were the guests of Laurent Delahousse to share the success of his current tour. “The festival tour ended yesterday, so we can’t be more news,” said Bigflo, who is preparing to tour the Zénith de France with his brother and fill the Paris La Défense Arena on December 8. The two artists will even return to the stage of the Toulouse Stadium on June 8, 2024 during an exceptional concert, for which 15,000 seats were sold out in a single day. “We are already very happy that this continues. The most difficult part of a career is to last and that is achieved little by little,” greets the “Dernière” singer. And suddenly, during the interview, something happened on the set of France 2. While Laurent Delahousse asked them: “How and why did rap occupy this place in your history?” », Oli responded… starting to rap.

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“New freestyle with teleprompter”

“Rapping was the only time other people would listen to me, and it’s easier to say ‘I love you’ through a verse,” Bigflo began, launching into a freestyle while an instrumental was grafted onto the sound design. Between two evocations of his career, the generational conflicts and the guests at the show (“I make films like Guillaume, I admire my father like Charlotte”), the 27-year-old rapper spoke about the paradox of the life of an artist. “Tell me how to promote my Zénith when Morocco suffers an earthquake, when families are fleeing hunger,” Oli stressed, before adding: “Laurent, actually, I didn’t choose rap, it’s rap that chose me.”

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His brother Bigflo then admitted that at first glance he was not very reassured by the idea of ​​performing this performance on a set like “8:30 p.m. on Sunday.” “To be honest, I hesitated a lot to write this text / I was afraid of articles, of phrases taken out of context / Nowadays, being an artist is increasingly complex but saying what we have to say, I think that’s the concept . “the rapper sang, pointing out the flaws of our society, evoking the death of Nahel, the riots and climate change, before infusing a dose of optimism into his speech: “They think we’re lost beforehand, we’re going to show them.” . wrong.” Two “strong” minutes according to Laurent Delahousse, which nevertheless worried some France 2 viewers. On social networks, Internet users criticized a “shameful” sequence that “had no interest.” “New concept? New freestyle with teleprompter”, “They wanted to do the trick again Stroma with “Hell” but I found it less moving”, “They copy Stromae”, can be read in X among the comments under the France 2 video.

However, other viewers still appreciated this development of Bigflo and Oli. “Excellent”, “very nice text”, “respect”, “too strong as always, only the bosses”, “what talent”… Endless positive comments counteract the criticism and salute the audacity of the two rappers, who no no feel free to switch up traditional promo codes to get your message across. For that alone, congratulations!

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