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Bernardo’s widow, on the road and in misery, thanks Anabel Pantoja

the immense pain she feels Death of her husband Bernardo Pantojawhom she married in an intimate ceremony without friends or family, held in Seville on November 28, 2018, after two decades of living together, added to the precarious economic situation that Junco would have to face from now on.

The Japanese only have a pension of less than 400 euros, which they get from their home country. It remains to be seen what will be commensurate with that in the form of widow pension, but it is clear that the amount will be minimal. But this will not be her only headache, because sooner or later she will be forced to leave the apartment where she lived. Brother of Isabel Pantoja.

Isabel Pantoja

Some Controversial Words for the Media

Junco never wanted to talk about his life, but after Bernardo’s death, he made some controversial statements to reporter José Antonio León, which, after airing on “Salvame”, caused further discord in the popular Pantoja clan. Planted the seeds of “Isabel started shouting at me: “That house is mine, that house is mine …”. I didn’t understand why she treated me like that. Nor did she blame me for being 85. I am responsible for % of my husband’s illness”It dropped like a bomb. Suffering a nervous breakdown, she went crying to the health center’s cafeteria, where she could be seen talking to a friend and Sylvia Pantoja.

Isa Pantoja: “My mother never fought with Junko”

It didn’t take long for these statements to get a reaction. it was Isa Pantoja, who during her speech on “The Ana Rosa Program”wanted to negate and qualify some of the statements of bernardo’s widow, “My mom never fought with Junko. That’s a lie. She and Bernardo have lived in my mom’s house for 20 years and I’ve never heard anyone say how generous my mom is. Never left her neglected. I also paid her social security so that she gets pension.

Isa Pantoja defending Isabel Pantoja at the Ana Rosa event

Isa has come to her mother’s defense, revealing that the singer paid off her brother’s Social Security so that he could get a pension.

Diego, a close friend of Bernardo, denied that Junco was neglected. “He’s been given his space at all times. There was no family conflict in the hospital, but Junko has a series of people giving her bad advice.“, He said.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen to me”

Annabel was also taken aback by the controversy and did not hesitate to go live on the program she has been collaborating with for so many years to express her discomfort. “Can you let my father rest? You are giving the version that interests you, because you have my phone. The one that was swallowed up by the funeral home and left by my father was me. That woman too, because she has been. He doesn’t say he’s been invited to leave,” he declared.

After her mortal remains are cremated, Annabel has a long talk with Junko in which they agree that the ashes will be shared between them. Also, he offered to introduce her to his manager, to help him process all the documents related to his father’s death. In this sense, the Japanese have expressed “Thank God, Annabel has been good to me.”

Anabel Pantoja at the funeral home when her father died.

Haunted by her father’s death, Annabel tells Junko not to be attacked.

But now, his big problem is facing his new life with the optimism he lacks today. She confesses that “I feel very bad and very nervous, because I don’t know what is going to happen to me from now on”. Janko is supported by her friend Katie, Sylvia PantojaAunt Magdalena, Doña Ana’s sister, former patriarch of the clan, friend of her husband, and presumed illegitimate son of the deceased, whom everyone knows by name pinocchio’s nickname, Everyone was prevented from entering the room of the funeral home where Bernardo’s mortal remains were kept.

Whatever has been said since Bernardo’s death, true or false, the harsh reality is Junko’s emotional and financial status is low, They tell me that she does not stop crying, that she is very nervous and that she is very afraid of the future that awaits her. This 75-year-old woman, who has to prop herself up on crutches to keep her balance, not only faces irreparable loss, she was Your soul mate for over 20 years, But also for a future full of uncertainties.

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